How to digitize
your sales process

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As technology continues to advance, and remote or virtual work models become the new normal, digitizing your sales process is a more efficient way of operating.

Here are a few key areas your business can focus on to help digitize your sales process:

Video conferencing

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Zoom saw 200 million daily meeting participants on average at the beginning of 2020, compared to an average of 10 million in December 2019, according to Skillscouter.

MS Travel
1 in 5 frequent business travellers say work-related travel has a negative impact on their mental well-being, while 1/3 of respondents said their travel schedule disrupts their productivity.*
MS 20 mins call
Research shows that a person's attention span is held for 12 minutes longer on a video call than on an audio-only call.

*According to a recent survey by NexTravel


Here are five ways to automate your sales process from Freshworks:



Lead Prioritization

Lead Prioritization

Lead Distribution

Lead Distribution

Day-to-day Tasks

Day-to-day tasks

Report Generation

Report Generation

Hiring offshore staff

Nurturing customer relationships

Outsourcing sales support tasks such as CRM management, calling prospects and preparing sales contracts frees up your local BDMs even further to focus on nurturing customer relationships and identifying new prospects. Using digital tools such as video conferencing and CRMs, working with a remote team is easier than ever.

The results

The results?

Increase the capacity of your sales team. Close deals faster, and generate more revenue from your company.


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