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White Papers

Managed Operations in the Philippines for the U.S. Healthcare Industry

June 2014

US Healthcare Outsourcing Brochure

In this document, learn what the Philippines can offer the U.S. healthcare industry and how MicroSourcing can help companies establish their own operations in the country.

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Beyond Borders

June 2014

Outsourcing Beyond Borders Brochure

Drawing on recent survey findings from businesses together with industry studies, this report aims to provide an in-depth review of drivers and trends in the offshore outsourcing market.

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Managed Operations in the Philippines

February 2014

Managed Operations Outsourcing Model

Our services sit right in the middle between outsourcing and incorporating. When you partner with MicroSourcing, we will establish, host, and help manage your operations in the Philippines.

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Our Fields of Expertise

January 2014

MicroSourcing's Expertise

MicroSourcing specializes in work processes that are ideally suited for the Filipino people and the talent available in the Philippine labor market.

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Rediscovering the Philippines

December 2013

Rediscover the Philippines Outsourcing Brochure

Companies from all over the world are increasingly looking at the Philippines as an excellent location to establish a base of operations to target the rapidly growing Southeast Asian markets.

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Productivity Enhancing Tools Drive Aussie Small Business Growth

December 2012

Productivity Survey of SMEs

New survey results show that Australian SMEs are far more likely to use offshore staffing as a tool to grow their business, improve productivity, and expand into Asia than as a way to cut jobs.

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