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Inside the world of MicroSourcing
  • BDO company MicroSourcing's Management Team

    Management Team

    Our management team consists of the founders of the company and a team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in the international outsourcing and offshoring industry.

  • BDO company MicroSourcing's Operational Excellence department

    Operational Excellence

    This department drives operational performance and excellence through process analysis and optimization. They are also in charge of compliance, certifications, and the implementation of best practices. This department is headed by Sophie Woo.

  • BDO company MicroSourcing's Talent Acquisition department

    Talent Acquisition

    This department is in charge of the end-to-end process of attracting, screening, and hiring the best people possible for our company including the people who are working in the offshore operations of our clients.

  • BDO company MicroSourcing's Human Resources department

    Human Resources

    This department is in charge of employee administration, compensation and benefits, employee engagement, labor relations, discipline and conduct, performance management, and other HR-related processes. This department is headed by Liza Inciong.

  • BDO company MicroSourcing's Facilities and Client Services group

    Facilities & Client Services

    This group is responsible for managing all our facilities including maintenance and security. This team also manages our Client Services Desk which takes care of hotel bookings, local transportation, and other concierge services for visiting clients and expats.

  • BDO company MicroSourcing's Information Technology department

    Information Technology

    Our IT department is in charge of finding the best possible IT solutions for our clients and managing the day-to-day management of those systems. This includes our 24/7/365 technical support team. This department is headed by Sameer Bhagat.

  • BDO company MicroSourcing's Finance department


    Our Finance department is in charge of our finance and accounting including payroll and compliance with government rules and reporting regulations. This department is headed by Don Del Mundo.

  • BDO company MicroSourcing's Public Relations and Marketing Team

    Public Relations & Marketing

    This team is in charge of the way the public perceives MicroSourcing as a company and the way we present ourselves to the world. This includes our charity initiatives, social media marketing, and the creative designs that form the MicroSourcing brand. This team is headed by Nona Tajanlangit.

  • BDO company MicroSourcing's Business Development Team

    Business Development

    This team is in charge of finding new prospective clients, engaging with them in the sales process, and setting up the new offshore operations of our new clients up to the point that they are turned over to the operations group prior to go live. This team is headed by Charles Allnutt.

  • BDO company MicroSourcing's in-house operations management group

    MicroSourcing Managed Operations (MMO)

    Our clients can opt to have their offshore operations fully managed by MicroSourcing. In this case, their head of operations is part of MMO which is our own in-house operations management group. This group is headed by Maricel Salao.

  • BDO company MicroSourcing's internal Creative Services Group called MicroCreatives


    MicroCreatives is our own internal Creative Services Group which is in charge of our company's design and development needs but also takes on clients' projects. MicroCreatives is headed by Mikaela Arce.

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