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MicroStatus - Online Team Status Tool

In our quest for transparency, we have created a tool that provides our clients with all possible data on their offshore team. This online team status tool runs on www.MicroStatus.com and provides the following information:

Clients can:

  • log in and view a list of your offshore employees and their basic biodata.
  • view attendance reports of your online outsourcing team. These reports are created based on our biometric login systems that provide 100% accurate attendance data. You can review the exact login/logout data and reports on lates, leaves, and other attendance-related statistics.
  • view details on your employee's workstation configuration including all hardware and software data.

Employees can:

  • log in to review and update their data.
  • monitor their own attendance data.

MicroSourcing can:

  • manage a list of all employees and their basic biodata.
  • process attendance data and create comprehensive reports.
  • manage all workstation configuration data.

MicroStatus is only available to MicroSourcing clients with active projects. We are constantly working on adding more features to our online tools to further improve the quality of our services.