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MicroRefer - Recruitment Referral Program

We have developed our own online recruitment referral program which runs on www.MicroRefer.com.

At MicroRefer, both MicroSourcing employees and non-employees are given incentives to invite their friends and acquaintances to apply to the company. Every job opening comes with a referral reward. The more people you invite to apply to MicroSourcing, the better chance you have of earning more incentives.

  1. Register. Go to www.MicroRefer.com to create an account, then provide the needed information.

  2. Build your referral pool. On the Contacts List page, add the names and contact information of referrals - friends, relatives, and/or acquaintances - who may be qualified for any of our current job openings and may be interested to work at MicroSourcing.

  3. Send invitations to your referrals. After building your Contacts list, you can send an email invite and encourage them to apply. You can use one of the email templates by clicking "Invite Referrals".