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Offshoring for Small Businesses

Offshore Outsourcing has traditionally been the domain of large multinational companies with the financial resources and global reach to enter a new faraway geography, establish a brand new operation or engage in a services agreement with a local provider. Even in our global society, many small businesses won't consider offshoring or offshore outsourcing as a viable business strategy. Either complexities and risks just seem too big or it is something they simply wouldn't think of. However, the benefits of offshore outsourcing could benefit small businesses the most:

  • Cost Savings - You need to be very cost-conscious and maximize your return on investment. Offshore outsourcing is an effective way of cutting operational costs by as much as 70%.
  • No Capex - You would like to avoid large capital expenditures like office space and IT infrastructure. Offshore outsourcing enables you to operate and expand without the need for any capital expenditures.
  • Risk Mitigation - You need to avoid long-term commitments and long-term risks. Offshore outsourcing enables you to enter into flexible agreements where you can ramp up or shut down on a short-term notice and without any termination costs.

MicroSourcing supports small and medium-sized businesses and we feel that there is untapped potential for offshore outsourcing services. We offer a number of delivery models that are ideally suited for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups:

Delivery Models for Small Businesses

Project Outsourcing - Outsource to the Philippines
Project Outsourcing

We have project teams that can take on small projects on a short-term notice and at very cost-effective rates. Using our project outsourcing services, you could have us create your logo, redesign your website, clean up your database or any other task that can be executed by a project team.

Staff Leasing - Outsource to the Philippines
Staff Leasing

Our staff leasing services enable you to have your own staff in the Philippines. You can personally handpick who you want in your offshore team and these employees will work for you full-time and exclusively. Offshore staff leasing is a highly cost-effective and flexible way of adding talent to your business.

Growth Path

MicroSourcing has supported hundreds of clients in the small and medium-sized business segment. Many start by trying our services through a small project outsourcing trial. Once they like the results, they will often step it up by getting their own dedicated people through our offshore staff leasing services. This often starts with only one person. As they learn how effective offshore staffing can be, they rapidly expand and add more employees to their offshore team at MicroSourcing. The business case is compelling and the math is often quite simple: for the costs of a single employee domestically, you could employ a team of four people in the Philippines doing the exact same work and with the same qualifications.

Beside these direct cost savings, you will be saving a lot of money indirectly as you will not have to legally employ or provide for these employees, and you will not have to provide office space, workstations, and other facilities. The combination of project outsourcing and staff leasing can enable a small business or start-up to grow fast at minimal cost and at no long-term risk. With such a great competitive advantage, it will not be long before your small business grows into a mid-sized business.