Learn how our Managed Operations model provides the perfect middle ground between outsourcing and incorporating.

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Incorporating vs. Managed Operations

Our managed operations solution provides a number of key benefits when compared to traditional outsourcing and incorporating your own subsidiary.


You could give the work to a third party provider with a delivery center in the Philippines.

  • More cost effective
  • You maintain control - It will be your people, your process, your standards.
  • Exclusive resources which are not moved from account to account.
  • Less resistance from your domestic employees
  • Less problems with industry regulators and clients

You could go to the Philippines and start your own wholly owned Philippine corporation.

  • No need to make large one-time investments
  • Lower ongoing operating costs
  • Much faster and no need to delve into Philippine laws and compliance
  • No distractions, focus purely on your core processes
  • No liabilities in a new unknown jurisdiction