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The benefits to your business

Establishing your own operations in the Philippines through MicroSourcing will provide your business with a great number of strategic advantages:

Significant cost savings

Your company will reduce costs in two major ways:

Operational cost savings - salary costs in the Philippines are roughly 70% lower than in the United States. By leveraging our office space, assets and support services you will also reduce your overhead costs by more than 50%.

Growth without capital expenditures - all the assets required by your Philippine operations will be provided by MicroSourcing. This means that you can increase your production capacity without making any one-time large investments in office space, computers or other assets.

Imagine what your company could do if it had no more capex requirements and a reduction of 70% in operational costs.

Focus on growth With MicroSourcing taking care of all assets and support services you can now focus on the things that will make your business grow: sales and marketing and the execution of your core production processes. The costs savings you make in the Philippines can directly be funnelled into the initiatives that will strengthen your competitive positioning.
Stay in control What we offer is not outsourcing in the traditional sense of the word. You will remain in control and your domestic employees, your clients and the regulators in your industry will understand that instead of simply outsourcing the work you have instead established your own operations in the Philippines. You will be in full control over the healthcare data and the day to day operations. Furthermore, if you want to directly employ the people and take 100% ownership then we can make that happen.
24/7/365 operations MicroSourcing operates at all times and we have many clients that use our services to establish 24/7/365 operations. Imagine the impact on your turn-around time and production capacity if you could have people working around the clock.
Leverage our capabilities MicroSourcing has been operating in the Philippines since 2006 and in that time we have established a tremendously professional and well-oiled organization. Our office space inventory and recruitment capabilities will enable you to grow your Philippine operations in the shortest possible time. Our knowledge of the Filipino business environment and our understanding of the mindset of the Filipino people will help you avoid the problems most start-ups typically encounter. Use our knowledge and our capabilities to get your Philippine operations off to a flying start.