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Control and Ownership Options

Our services are the best way to get started in the Philippines. Your market entry will be fast, efficient and safe. You will not have to make any substantial investments or long-term commitments. Once your Philippine operations become a success, we can offer you many ways to grow your team and take more control and ownership:

Your own people

Most of our clients start out with MicroSourcing employing their Filipino staff. Even though we employ your team, they will still be assigned exclusively and full-time to your company and you will never have to worry about us moving them to a different client.

Your own office

We will provide you with your own dedicated office space. This will enable you to operate according to HIPAA regulations and instill your own branding and corporate culture.

Your own tools

We have gained tremendous experience in the different workflow systems that enable onshore-offshore collaboration. Your operations in the Philippines are truly yours though, so you are free to tell us which systems and tools you want to deploy for your Philippine operations.

Your own policies

We can adapt to your company policies, processes, and procedures when it comes to things like IT and data security, human resources management, work floor policies, compliance regulations, and any other aspect of your operations which you may want to customize.

Your own company

MicroSourcing can employ your Filipino staff. Doing so will definitely be the fastest and most hassle-free way of getting started in the Philippines. At a later stage, you could decide to establish your own Philippine corporation and employ your Filipino staff directly. We can help you incorporate and manage your corporate entity. Even after incorporation, MicroSourcing will continue to provide all the assets and support services, making this the easiest way for you to manage your own Philippine corporation.

We are the ideal partner for incubating operations in the Philippines and supporting the full life cycle from start-up to becoming a fully operational Philippine corporation.