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Outsourcing Disciplines

Our Service Delivery Models can be applied to a wide variety of disciplines and workflow processes. Throughout the years, we have decided to focus on disciplines that best suit the Filipino people and the Philippine business environment. We have divided these disciplines into four main segments we list below:

Knowledge Services


Human Resources

Filipino Medical Encoders or Clinical Abstractors can meet your healthcare needs.

Many HR processes are IT-enabled and can effectively be conducted from anywhere in the world.

Finance & Accounting

Filipino accountants and bookkeepers are highly trained in international accounting standards.

Creative Services

Graphic Design

Web Designers can design the look and feel of your website and create a functional template.

Graphic Designers can design a wide variety of creative designs, layouts, and corporate identity materials.

Print design requires a specific knowledge of how publications are actually printed.

3D and Animation

Flash is also a powerful tool for creating animations for cartoons, movies, and presentations.

3D Modeling and design are rapidly growing fields in the Philippines.


Creative writers can create a wide variety of written content for print or digital publications.

Proofreaders can help check your content and edit it where necessary.

Business Support

Call Center Services

Filipino Customer Service Representatives are renowned worldwide for their terrific quality.

Telemarketers can help you sell your products or services through in- and outbound calls.

Data and Research

Data Processors can find and insert data using your exact research and insertion processes.

Data Processors can insert and manipulate data from any source using the methods that you require.

Administrative Support

Virtual Assistants can help by handling some of your administrative tasks from the Philippines.

Filipino transcriptionists can accurately transcribe any type of audio and/or scanned image file.


Online Marketing

SEO Specialists can increase the ranking of your website in popular search engines.

SEM Specialists can drive traffic to your website through a number of advertising programs.

Social Media Marketers can help you build and maintain a following on the popular social media sites

Moderation Services

Moderators can help you check the content stream on your website or mobile application.

Game Moderators ensure that players follow the rules and regulations of online games and communities.

Community Moderators check the behavior of site members and user-generated content.

Information Support


Web Developers can use a number of scripting languages and databases to create web applications.

Software developers can create and amend software programs written in a variety of platforms.

Mobile Application Developers can create applications for a number of popular mobile platforms.


Game Developers can create a wide array of games for different platforms.

Tech Support Engineers can monitor and troubleshoot your servers, network, and systems remotely.