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Corporate Social Responsibility News | MicroSourcing Philippines

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CSR at MicroSourcing

by: Lesley Anne U. Ordinario

Thursday, June 7, 2018 | Social Responsibility | Comments (0)

The Careers Program is about linking out-of-school youth to sustainable higher paying jobs, providing them training and job opportunities so they can pave their own way out of poverty. We took talent that nobody in the sector looked at before, trained them, and proved that they can deliver.
- Geoanna Corneby, CSR Officer, 2012-2015

See how MicroSourcing changes the lives of disadvantaged youths, believing that they can deliver given the right resources and opportunities.

Playing Santa 2018


Thursday, January 31, 2019 | Social Responsibility | Comments (0)

MicroSourcing celebrated the holidays by adhering to the annual tradition of gift-giving and granting wishes. The Christmas trees located in every site was not just a display of holiday cheer, but also an opportunity for MicroSourcing employees to share their blessings and give happiness to people who need them the most. Christmas wish cards adorn these trees annually and in 2018, it was no different. These wishes turned into gifts and the gifts turned into smiles.

In partnership with Tulay ng Kabataan (TNK) Foundation, MicroMissions held the annual Playing Santa last December 22, 2018, in Pinyahan Elementary School in Quezon City. TNK is a foundation whose goal is to give back self-dignity and confidence to the children and the vulnerable, to lead the youth to a complete autonomous life, and to guide the elders in living their lives with dignity.

Playing Santa 2018 was held together with the TNK annual Christmas Party. The program started with a Catholic mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Matthieu Dauchez. The doxology was performed by a Sign Language Class headed by Mrs. Grace Rivera. The mass also included the sacrament of Confirmation for some of the children. Mr. Gil B. Sarmiento delivered the opening remarks and MicroSourcing was introduced as the sponsor for the event. The foundation greeted us with their official Christmas song and the judges for the Center Presentation contest were introduced. While eating our hearty lunch, both kids and kids-at-heart enjoyed the jugglers and bubble shows.

During the program, we displayed the 421 gifts that were donated by our generous employees. The party was attended by around 500 street children that the foundation houses in their 19 shelters all over Metro Manila. The Center Presentation contestants performed in front of the crowd and impressed everyone with their talent. Even though this was a contest, everyone looked like a winner! Before the day ended, we distributed loot bags, which contained small toys and school items.

Though we were not present in the actual gift-giving part, TNK made a heartfelt video of the event and thanked MicroSourcing and its employees for putting smiles on the children's faces. It is heart-warming and inspiring to be a part of this tradition. We are looking forward to touching more hearts in this year's Playing Santa!


This article by Karen Kristie Sumortin was originally published in the MicroSourcing Newsletter.

As part of MicroSourcing's CSR, MicroMissions, together with Nature Club and in partnership with MAD Travel, organized a tree planting activity entitled Treks and Tribe. A total of 35 volunteers were given the opportunity to participate in the said activity.

The purpose of Treks and Tribe was to help fight climate change by rebuilding a 3,000-hectare rainforest that will provide food, medicine, and sustainable income for the Aeta community.

At 2:00 AM of November 10, 2018, vans from different MS sites were already on the road for a five-hour journey to San Felipe, Zambales. Once settled at Circle Hostel and before heading to the jump-off, a quick briefing was conducted by Andrea, the MAD Chief Experience Officer.

Upon arrival at the jump off after an hour of a bumpy ride to meet the guides, volunteers started with the trek to the nursery. The supposed to be one-hour trek was doubled because it was already sunny and since it was an open trail, the temperature has become a challenge for some volunteers. Some walked on foot, while others had to ride the carabao cart. Not to mention that the trek also includes few river crossings.

With two hours spent at the nursery, volunteers were able to plant 1,100 seedlings. A morning snack – ube chips and tanglad (lemon grass) tea cooked by the villagers were served to the volunteers before continuing with the trek, this time to the Yangil Tribe village.

At the village, volunteers were treated to a sumptuous lunch. They also got a glimpse of the life of a Yangil Tribe through archery, the tribe's method of hunting food in the forest. It was also a time for the volunteers to mingle with the people of the community. Some volunteers played with the children, while some bought goods made by the Aetas.

Volunteers boarded the carabao cart on the way back to the jump-off. It was already after lunch and the sun was scorching hot, so it was not advisable to walk. To cap off the activity, dinner was prepared at Chief Iking's house, the tribe's chieftain.

Volunteers headed back to Manila with a tired body but a fulfilled soul and a happy heart.


This article by Paula Africa was originally published in the MicroSourcing Newsletter.


Taba para sa Bata: Weight Loss Challenge

by: Lesley Anne U. Ordinario

Friday, November 16, 2018 | Social Responsibility | Comments (0)

Weight Loss Challenge Talk

This initiative aims to feed children while our employees lose weight, and every pound lost is equivalent to a donation match from the CSR budget. The donation will be used to buy food for the children of Childhope Asia in Manila and Rise Above Foundation in Cebu in March 2019.

71 employees are participating in this endeavor and last September 22, to kick-start the program, MicroMissions, in partnership with Chris Everingham – an Elite Performance Manager, Dietitian, and former International Athlete – facilitated an inspirational and motivational talk on not just losing weight but giving oneself the drive to achieve possibilities.

Fitness First, another partner, is sponsoring all Saturdays for gym use for all registered participants starting September 29, 2018, until February 23, 2019. The challenge is for all participants to lose weight to increase the amount of donation, and every weight gained will result in a deduction from the total amount of donation.


Back-to-School Project: HOPE Mini Library Turnover Ceremony

by: Lesley Anne U. Ordinario

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 | Social Responsibility | Comments (0)

Just in time for the start of the school year, MicroSourcing Philippines, through MicroMissions, partnered with Generation HOPE in providing a mini library for the Grade 1 students of the Imus Pilot Elementary School in Cavite. Over 100 children's books were donated to extend learning and help with developing the reading abilities of the kids. Mats, pillows, and educational children’s toys were also provided.

The school's principal advocates literacy through reading and the mini library is one step towards improving the Grade 1 students' reading and comprehension skills.


Seedling Nurturing at Buhay Punlaan

by: Lesley Anne U. Ordinario

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 | Social Responsibility | Comments (0)

Yearly, MicroMissions organizes a tree-planting activity and this time around, we focused on understanding how to nurture seedlings before planting them.

Buhay Punlaan is a nursery of native trees at the Caliraya-Lumot Watershed in Lumban, Laguna. It covers a 2-hectare area and serves as a learning laboratory and direct response to the shortage of native tree species in the country today.

41 volunteers went to Lumban and collected and planted 300 wildlings. Kuya Ken and Kuya Kiko taught us the different stages of preparing the seedlings before planting. This activity was a holistic approach to understand how one wildling should be taken care of.

After going through the different stages of nurturing, MicroMissions went to the Japanese Garden where Kuya Ken showed us how to spot and collect a wildling.

This mission is in line with Haribon Foundation’s Rainforest Organizations and Advocates (ROAD) to 2020 – an environmental conservation movement that is committed to restoring Philippine rainforests using native tree species to sustain the provision of ecological goods and services through an informed and engaged public.

Another sustainable mission accomplished!


Clean Water for the Water-People: Badjao Community

by: Lesley Anne U. Ordinario

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 | Social Responsibility | Comments (0)

March 22 is regarded as World Water Day. To honor an indigenous tribe that has lived in houses on stilts in the sea, MicroMissions partnered with Waves for Water and Payatas Orione Foundation (PAOFI) to provide clean, safe, and potable water to the Badjao Community in Quezon. As immigrants from Mindanao, they settled in Lucban, Quezon and PAOFI took care of the community and taught them how to weave rags and beaded bracelets for livelihood and provided them education.

Waves for Water is an organization that offers access to clean water to improve personal and civic well-being, increases overall health, reduces poverty and increases opportunities for education and employment, and contributes to the advancement of individuals and their communities. With the water filters that they provide to communities, it is one step in making sure individuals get to drink bacteria-free water especially in areas where accessibility is a challenge.

Last March 17, MicroMissions volunteers attended the Learn and Share Session on the filters that will be donated to the community. Conducted by Waves for Water, Raymond Sikawat taught the volunteers the assembly of the filter system. On March 24, the trip to Quezon pushed through for volunteers to personally share with the Badjaos the knowledge we gained in using the filters. 15 water filters were given to the Badjao community as they get water from a well, a deep-well pump, and the water from the sea, which has become their lavatory.

Each filter will be used by 3-4 families that will be strictly monitored by PAOFI. The filters donated can be used for 5-10 years, a great deal of sustainability in providing potable water to lessen water-borne diseases, especially to children - to improve their development - and for the community to increase their productivity.

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