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Outsourcing News for November 2018 | MicroSourcing

According to studies made by the Oxford Business Group (OBG), creative industries in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines, could be the next economic growth area. These creative industries could be capitalized even more to expand into developing the creative process outsourcing industry.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) defines creative industries as those that deal with not only creativity, but also culture, economics, and technology—generally, activities involving creativity and intellectual property as the main assets. Meanwhile, creative process outsourcing is a form of BPO that focuses on services like graphic design, web development, animation, digital marketing, and game development.

As reported by the Philippine News Agency, OBG Asia Regional Editor Patrick Cooke noted that the youth culture in the Philippines is driven by heavy consumption of music, art, film, fashion, and online content. With this, he added, "The innate Filipino creativity and all-pervasive musicality is impossible for first-time visitors to the country to ignore; the challenge lies in harnessing this for wider economic benefits."

"However, if the country is to truly realize its vast potential as a global hub for creativity, a more cohesive master plan may be needed to establish a viable ecosystem that ensures Filipinos have access to the financing and tools required to develop their considerable talents, as well as an effective means to access local and international markets," Cooke continued.

Aside from local creative and advertising agencies, BPO firms in the Philippines have been offering creative process outsourcing. Creative process outsourcing services in the Philippines cater to businesses from different parts of the world looking to outsource their brand development, marketing collateral, content creation, and website design and development, and to agencies looking to expand their creative team to meet deadlines during peak seasons.

MicroSourcing's creative services unit, MicroCreatives, is composed of graphic designers, web developers, animators, and copywriters that can take on different types of creative projects to meet your requirements. Whether for on-demand tasks, project-based arrangement, or a dedicated staff for a required duration, MicroCreatives offers various models with a highly customizable workflow that can adapt to any business’ existing processes.