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Eight MicroSourcing 9th Grade Scholars Visit Mind Museum

by: Ida Mandinyenya

Monday, November 14, 2016 | Social Responsibility |

Eight 9th grade scholars from A Better Chance Foundation visited the Mind Museum last November 12.

A Better Chance Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps financially challenged children gain access to quality education. Through their Night High School Scholarship Program, MicroSourcing funds eight scholars studying at Siena College of Taytay in Rizal. The children are from neighboring communities and although they must pass an entrance exam to join the program, their economic status is also taken into consideration.

MicroSourcing volunteers conduct visit to Mind Musem for 9th grade scholars

MicroSourcing Scholars - CSR Events - Outsourcing & OffshoringMicroSourcing Volunteers Club Leader and POCs supervised the Mind Museum visit. The scholars were also joined by Gail Pangilinan-Espinas, Melvin Gongora, and Arcel Llarena from A Better Chance Foundation.

The scholars had their hours to explore the Atom, Life, Earth, Universe, and Technology galleries. One of the favorites was the hair-raising static ball. Unfortunately, the boys were distinctly underwhelmed by this experience because of their short hair. The scholars also met a 40-foot Tyrannosaurus rex (T.Rex) in the Earth gallery. Later, they watched ‘Space Shell’ in a custom-built planetarium and learned about the stars and planets. The show detailed the Big Bang Theory and the exploration of scientists to Mars in search of answers. Scholars also learned about how our understanding of the world is constantly changing as research rewrites history and transforms our future.

Afterwards, the 9th graders sat down to discuss the morning’s exciting experience over lunch at Sunrise Buckets.

MicroMissions will continue to build a stronger partnership with A Better Chance Foundation to support financially challenged children through education by bringing young people back to school.

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