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MicroSourcing Welcomes Batch 4 of the Careers Program

by: Ida Mandinyenya

Tuesday, July 7, 2015 | Social Responsibility |

MicroSourcing Welcomes Batch 4 of the Careers Program

"I imagine myself as a bamboo tree because despite the many challenges that I am faced with on a daily basis, I will always remain strong and resilient." - Careers Program Batch 4 Intern

As a socially responsible provider of managed operations in the Philippines, enabling decent work for the Filipino people is one of our core mandates. MicroSourcing concedes that there is a rising problem of inequality  and while there is no single solution for addressing poverty, by ensuring that people have access to a job that pays a fair wage, while providing security in the workplace as well as social protection for families, we can help tackle indigence. Decent work is crucial for inclusive growth but a gap often exists between the skills sought by employers in the labor market and those possessed by the workforce. MicroSourcing tackles this obstacle through the Careers Program, an Impact Sourcing global movement that connects motivated people at the bottom of the pyramid with jobs in the outsourcing sector.

MicroSourcing continues to provide training and internships to disadvantaged youth

Since welcoming our first batch of Careers Program interns in 2012, our goal has been to provide specialized training and internships to idle yet talented youth from disadvantaged communities. The goal is to ultimately prepare them for full-time opportunities in the outsourcing sector.

On Careers Day last June 15, MicroSourcing welcomed 12 young people for Batch 4 of the Careers Program. Maricel Salao, VP for Operations – Eastwood dropped by to meet the youth on their first day at the 1880 site. The orientation was an opportunity for the youth to reflect on their goals and dreams. They spoke about their past challenges and displayed so much willpower to embark on a rewarding career in the outsourcing sector.

We also extend a warm welcome to Kate Briz, our new Learning and Development Officer. This July, Kate will be working closely with the Careers Program interns during their one-month training. She will deliver a tailored training module that will cover Basic English communication and computer skills. The training is a preparation for the three-month internship program whereby interns will take on roles like data processing and other assistant type roles in both our client accounts and management departments.
MicroSourcing commends the Careers Program interns for their determination and we wish them success in the months ahead.

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