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MicroClubs Relaunched, Gears Up for 2015-16 Engagement

by: Karen Cayamanda

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 | Company News |

MicroClubs Relaunched, Gears Up for 2015-16 Engagement

Leaders and representatives of interest groups gathered at Gratchi’s Farm, Tagaytay to relaunch MicroClubs and lay out plans for the next fiscal year.

MicroSourcing relaunches MicroClubs for employees

During the relaunch, Employee Engagement Lead Melissa Matibag identified the roles of each leader and representative on a site level. Everyone acknowledged their involvement in their club-specific goals and expressed their commitment to support efforts that would contribute to the achievement of the overall organizational engagement.

MicroClubs was organized to give all employees an avenue to have more fun at work by sharing their passion and interests with their colleagues. It consists of five groups: Sports, Arts, Dance and Music, Nature, and Volunteers, and the leaders are:

Carole Monteloyola (OpEx) and Del Del Mendo (HR) - Sports Club
Anisa Enriquez (HR) and Angel Castro (MicroCreatives) - Arts Club
Jei Del Rosario (1880 Operations) and Elizabeth Maybay (1880 Operations) - Dance and Music Club
Rosie Tan (MOA Operations) and Chiz Cailo (IT) - Nature Club
Ida Mandinyenya (PRM) and KC Cayamanda (PRM) - MS Volunteers Club

Each club then laid out their plans for the 2015-16 fiscal year, aiming to launch monthly activities that are in line with their goals as a club and as part of employee engagement. A gruelling team-building activity followed the relaunch. This showed the leaders and representatives the importance of teamwork, clear communication, and camaraderie in their respective groups.

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