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2014-2019: Overview of the Global Healthcare BPO Market

by: Sarah Joson

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 |

Research and Markets, an Ireland-based research and consultancy agency, recently released “Global Healthcare BPO Market 2015-2019”, a report which covered the F&A BPO, HR BPO, and CRM segments of the global healthcare market. It revealed that demand for outsourcing is primarily driven by the increased need for affordable operations as healthcare costs continue to surge, growth strategies require additional improvements in infrastructure, companies needing more capital investment, and rising labor costs.

Moreover, the report stated that data security and privacy are crucial issues in outsourcing environments - citing that these are major hurdles in the healthcare market. Data collected amongst healthcare institutions are confidential and sensitive, and data theft and intrusion of information are risks that could dampen an institution’s reputation.

Business process outsourcing is one of the segments under outsourcing. It is the process of subcontracting a certain operation of a business to a third party provider. A service provider can either be an end-to-end company or an industry-specific organization. BPO is known to boost not only the operation and cost efficiency of the company but its output as well. The healthcare industry is said to be adopting BPO services since these have been proven to reduce costs, improve patient care services - the core mission of healthcare organizations - and staff efficiency.

Meanwhile, the latest trend seen in the healthcare market is the adoption of the cloud. Cloud-based solutions in the sector are changing the way BPO is integrated to an operation.


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