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Survey: Companies Innovate through Outsourcing

by: Sarah Joson

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 | Outsourcing News |

According to a survey conducted by consulting and benchmarking agency Aecus, eight out of 10 buyers believed that outsourcing helps them innovate and generate new ideas.

Incentives with outsourcing operations

Out of 100 UK outsourcing buyers who participated in the survey, two thirds responded that they offer incentives together with their outsourcing operations to encourage and reward successful innovation. In addition to that, 58 percent believed that they are already equipped with innovative skills and the environment to pave the way for new ideas. Almost half said they are meeting with their provider regularly to talk about innovation.

Paul Morrison, head of outsourcing innovation at Aecus, said within their organization, innovation is defined as the process of creating value by doing things differently - even more so today when budgets are tighter and technologies are constantly developing. What’s important for them is to keep buyers happy through the innovative ideas they get from outsourcing.

The executive pointed out that outsourcing has become crucial to the business outcomes since it provides positivity not only to the buyer-supplier partnership, but the operations as a whole. One of the key perspectives that buyers are looking for these days is digitization - 80 percent responded that they want it in their operations, but only 35 percent have achieved it.

Over 50 percent of the survey participants said they already implemented a multi-channel engagement, while a third are still planning to do it in the next 12 months. As for robotic automation, two-fifths stated that they are planning to do it in the future.


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