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MicroMissions Tree Planting Day - A First of Many

by: Admin

Monday, November 24, 2014 | Social Responsibility |

MicroSourcing Volunteers Plant Trees

MicroMissions Tree Planting Day - A First of Many"If we want to take care of the Earth, we should take care of the people taking care of the Earth," said Dr. Mylene Matti, Founder of GreenEarth Heritage Foundation.

MicroSourcing volunteers traveled far into the foothills of Sierra Madre to plant 190 trees at the GreenEarth farm last November 22.

In an effort to raise environmental consciousness, MicroSourcing organized its first MicroMissions Tree Planting Day for the benefit of partner organization GreenEarth Heritage Foundation. The event brought 38 volunteers to San Miguel, Bulacan at GreenEarth's farm and reforestation site.

Following a warm welcome of resounding tambourines and waving flags, Dr. Matti introduced the organization, "Founded on 100 hectares of land donation, GreenEarth Heritage Foundation is a farm, a reforestation site, an organic agricultural development, and I'd like to think a haven of peace and tranquility and a promise of a brighter tomorrow for members of our growing community."

MicroMissions Tree Planting Day - A First of ManyVolunteers planted 190 narra trees in the GreenEarth terrain with the farmers and mothers in the community. The group also spent time with the GreenEarth children; they played in the green grass, read stories under the canopy of trees, and drew gratitude murals for Thanksgiving Day with traces of their hands.

Volunteers were pleased with this friendship with kids. "After seeing his complete artwork, I'm rewarded with the priceless, proud, winning smile of a six-year old," shared volunteer Mjay Erispe.

The GreenEarth Call to Action. To MicroMissions, CSR arm of MicroSourcing, the most important part of the trip was to live the mission of GreenEarth, and then share it across the MicroSourcing community and its networks.

For background, the call to action raised by Dr. Matti rested on the plight of the farmers she works to take care of. "Farmers and fisherfolk were declared poorest of the poor by the Anti-Poverty Commission. The median income of a farmer is P50 a day. They earn P1,500 a month chopping off wood. Middlemen cart all the profit. They have no replanting strategy and that's what's been going on for the past decades in millions of hectares of land in the Philippines. The poor of our country are causing us billions in destruction. That is the problem we need to connect to."

MicroMissions Tree Planting Day - A First of ManyDr. Matti made an appeal to her audience, "Start thinking of this country. Do what you can. You can contribute in four ways: time, talent, treasure, and touch. Time and talent - write, post photos, make videos, share your experience on Facebook and talk about planting trees. Treasure means your resources - not just monetary, old toys, clothes, books, donate what you've outgrown to the community. Donate P150 for a tree. Purchase the farmers’ moringa tea produce. Last, touch, just hold their hand and tell them you're grateful that they are here, that they are taking care of the forest. Love and hand-holding give them hope. Just coming here and learning about your efforts in your office made them tear up."

MicroSourcing committed to take on the GreenEarth call to action year after year in an annual MicroMissions Tree Planting Day. If you're interested in organizing a similar event, contact GreenEarth through Facebook or send us a message, we would be glad to connect you.

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