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MicroSourcing Takes Part in National Mountain Clean-up Day

by: Admin

Thursday, May 29, 2014 | Social Responsibility |

MicroSourcing Volunteers Help Clean Mt. Manalmon

MicroSourcing Takes Part in National Mountain Clean-up Day "It was a great experience to trek with purpose," said Raymond Aquino, MicroSourcing volunteer.

MicroSourcing iVolunteer, the company's official volunteering club, organized a trek to Mt. Manalmon, San Miguel, Bulacan to join the mountaineering community in celebrating National Mt. Clean-up Day last May 10. A group of 10 employee volunteers trekked to the summit while filling their trash bags with non-biodegradable waste left on trails and in the campsites.

In the afternoon, the group enjoyed outdoor activities in the mountain range. The Bayukbok Cave, known for its Music Room and Spiral Staircase, challenged volunteers with ascending pitches, rappelling, difficult climbs, and body-bending movements. "Some of those activities felt life-threatening, like weaving through stalactites and climbing up to 30 feet high without a harness. It tested my physical strength," shared volunteer Kiko Balasta. The adventure ended with a swim and a cable raft to cross high up the Madlum River.

Volunteers collected two large bags of trash. "There wasn't much to clean. We mostly dealt with cigarette butts. To all smokers out there, smoke responsibly. This waste is not biodegradable," said volunteer Amado Basa.

A word from organizers, Jackie Banzon shared, "This was the first climb that iVolunteer organized and it gave me great fulfillment to see everyone having a good time." Another organizer, Eunice Rodriguez, concluded, "After today, I made a resolve to always clean the mountains."

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