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Leaders of MicroClubs Gear Up for 2014 Engagement

by: Admin

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 | Company News |

Leaders of MicroClubs Gear Up for 2014 Engagement MicroSourcing club leaders gather for a weekend of adventure and planning

A year after its launch, founders and leaders of employee-led interest groups MicroClubs gathered for an adventure weekend to plan for another exciting, eventful year. Representatives from each of the five clubs - Dance & Music, Sports, Photograpy, Volunteering, and Events - travelled to Amansinaya Mountain Resort in Laurel, Batangas for team-building activities and strategic planning sessions last May 3-4.

To jumpstart planning for year 2014, 25 employee volunteer leaders raced a challenging 12-round obstacle course for the grand prize of Php3,000. Participants crossed ropes, jumped across puddles, crawled through a makeshift tunnel, and pushed a giant ball uphill to the finish line. "The obstacle course was intense. It tested our physical strength and team values. Especially for members of different clubs, the race was a great way to break the ice," Eunice Rodriguez from iVolunteer shared her experience.

From play to real work, the group spent the rest of the afternoon evaluating their year's accomplishments and plotting their 2014 events calendar. "Strategic planning helped our club a lot in terms of ideas and best practices for future events and activities," said Daryl Sta. Juana from Dance & Music. In 2013, all five clubs organized over 28 engagement activities that gained the support of over 200 active participants. Club leaders prepared for another year of festivities, skills shared, and relationships built.

Leaders of MicroClubs Gear Up for 2014 Engagement A trek to nearby Ambon Falls capped the weekend. In a 45-minute trek, everyone climbed and crossed boulders, streams, and bridges to reach the renowned waterfall.

"We organized MicroClubs and its core group of leaders to give employees an avenue to share their interests and have fun at work. Because some jobs do not immediately have leadership opportunities, we see several employees exercise their leadership potential and gain fulfillment in overseeing their clubs. MicroClubs also help retention; members are happier employees because they get to bring their life passions to the workplace and share it with their colleagues. Most of our members say MicroClubs is what they love most about working in MicroSourcing," said Melissa Matibag, MicroSourcing Engagement Officer.

MicroSourcing congratulates MicroClubs for 2013 achievements:

Dance & Music - MicroClubs Org Week’s Zumba contest, General Assemblies at MOA and BGC, Presentations at Thanksgiving Parties (1880, MDC, MOA, Picadilly), Valentine’s A-fair A Note to Remember, Kanlungan ni Maria Serenade, Summer Outing Numbers

MicroAperture - MicroClubs Org Week Photobooth, coverage of all engagement activities and MicroClubs events, first General Assembly, Valentine’s A-fair Apple of My Eye Contest

Events Club - MicroClubs Org Week, Halloween Party, Thanksgiving / Christmas Party, Valentine’s A-fair, MicroClubs Leaders Strategic Planning, Summer Outing, support and overall management of all MicroClubs

iVolunteer - MicroClubs Org Week, School Supplies Donation Drive, The Mangyan Initiative, Saturdate with the Scholars, Wall of Dreams: Mural Painting Project, Playing Santa, Valentine’s A-fair Roses for Kanlungan ni Maria, Love Lolos and Lolas: Nursing Home Visit

Sports Club - MicroClubs Org Week Hoop Shoot Contest, MS Basketball Tournament for BPO Classics, BPO Classics participation, MicroRun (five runs)

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