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Careers Program Champions Celebrate Work of Youth Empowerment

by: Admin

Monday, March 24, 2014 | Social Responsibility |

Careers Program Champions Celebrate Work of Youth Empowerment"Today, we are celebrating the contribution of all you mentors and client partners towards youth empowerment, the work that provides job opportunities, fulfills dreams, and enables youth to build a brighter future."

MicroSourcing volunteers and partners celebrate Careers Program growth and impact

Volunteers and partners of MicroSourcing's Careers Program gathered to celebrate its growth and impact. The program celebrated two successful batches and significant results: 34 youth with job skills and outsourcing work experience, 14 who now enjoy employment, and 13 who still work in MicroSourcing as interns.

MicroSourcing gave recognition to all partners. Volunteer mentors were awarded certificates and called to share their experience with the interns.

"Ruby has a clear vision of her future. I am certain she will get far." Mentor Carole Monteloyola shares her faith in the intern she worked with.

Mentors assist the interns in their adjustment to a new work environment. Beyond work performance, they tackle life goals and personal issues and conflicts that come to play at work.

MicroSourcing also awarded client partners. Department and client partners are open and inclusive employers who invest in people with drive and potential over work experience and education.

"I have a team of over 10 college graduates and I can say this, no one works as hard as Joe." Francinne San Juan, General Manager of an Australian firm, is proud of the loyalty and commitment of program intern Joe.

Francinne continues, "Joe is responsible for the first step of our workflow. Without him, the process breaks. At the end of every day, without fail, he comes to my office and reports, 'The registration box is cleared. We can all go home now.'"

Another client partner makes a testament to the same hard work that yields productive output. "I am proud of our first intern Ailene. She went from having numerous errors to once achieving the highest output on record in our data entry division." Fenie Dupo, Team Leader of a marketing firm, speaks highly of program participants she has worked with.

Fenie’s team has grown with the program, "We started with one intern, hired her, and three more as Data Analysts. Now we have 11 more interns."

Inclusive employment is how MicroSourcing utilizes its expertise in outsourcing to benefit society. The Careers Program is a training and internship course that paves way for BPO employment. It was founded on the principle of Impact Sourcing, a sub-industry in outsourcing that intentionally benefits disadvantaged individuals.

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