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A Day of Songs and Stories at a Nursing Home

by: Admin

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 | Social Responsibility |

MicroSourcing Volunteers spends Quality Time with Elderly Friends

A Day of Songs and Stories at a Nursing HomeMicroSourcing iVolunteer visited Kanlungan ni Maria, a nursing home, to spend a day of songs and conversations with elderly friends.

Last March 16, 24 volunteers from MicroSourcing's five sites visited Kanlungan ni Maria in Nayong Silangan, Antipolo to turn over Php35,210 of roses and ice cream revenues raised by the Events Club on Valentine's Day.

The day was all about stories and music. It was a different experience better shared by volunteers.

Charmie Miraflor on her Grandma:
I saw my real lola in Lola Pina. When she was still alive, we used to play and talk the same way. I felt nostalgic because I've always been a grandma's girl. I am thankful for another chance to become a granddaughter again. I really missed that feeling.

Ryan, Laarni, and Aice on Life Stories:
My experience was beyond words. It was a fun learning experience talking to them and discovering their stories. I like the part when they sang along with us. Though we only stayed for a short while, the memories will for long stay in my heart. - Ryan Nolasco

Tatay Chris' story is selfless. He said, "I don't mind if my kids never get to visit me so long as they are ok." I had to stop tears because his longing and sadness shone through. I hope the foundation locates his children one day. Another lola, Nanay Pina, is exceptional! When you look at her, it's like everything is fine. She inspired me to have no problems or worries, because life must go on and we should just be happy! - Laarni Oriente

A Day of Songs and Stories at a Nursing HomeI had a good long talk with Nanay Puti. She tells me the story of her life. She was able to survive the Japanese War and the pain of being the only survivor amongst her family; she managed to live by herself and found love eventually; she and her husband tended a small vegetable patch and sold their produce in the market just to manage day-to-day necessities. I have not encountered such rich stories with a person before. I have not felt regret and sorrow actually radiate from a simple conversation. I really think that she mirrored so much in a simple Filipina life that it overwhelmed me for the whole day. - Aice Galon

Glaiza Olase on a Getaway:
Joining the activity was such a humbling experience. Despite the presence of modern-day technology, nothing beats the feeling of being able to spend precious hours with the elderly, listening to stories and valuable pieces of wisdom.

Ron Del Moro on Singing and Gratitude:
I'm grateful that I joined this event and so proud to be part of the music group. I was able to entertain our lolos and lolas (grandparents). The experience made me a more caring grandson to my grandmothers who are both alive and well. I pray for more blessings for the elderly in all nursing homes.

iVolunteer is a club organized by MicroSourcing employees. The group supports a wide variety of causes, from education and child development to animal welfare and healthcare and wellness for the elderly.

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