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MicroSourcing Cebu Volunteers for 3V1G Efforts

by: Admin

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 | Company News | Social Responsibility |

Relief Ops Update: MicroSourcing Cebu Volunteers for 3V1G 
Efforts"At the onslaught of the typhoon, we felt like we just had to do something," says a lead volunteer from MicroSourcing - Cebu.

MicroSourcing - Cebu volunteers pack relief kits for Typhoon Yolanda victims

Volunteers from MicroSourcing - Cebu mobilized for relief operations for victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

MicroSourcing’s nonprofit partner 3 Villages, 1 Goal (3V1G) provided opportunities for volunteering. 3V1G is one of the beneficiaries of MicroSourcing's Bohol fundraiser, receiving Php92k for disaster relief efforts. (The organization received a total of Php92k initially allotted for Bohol earthquake victims. Both the company and 3V1G later on decided to re-route the funds to more urgent needs of Yolanda victims since communities in Bohol are farther off into recovery.)

Relief Ops Update: MicroSourcing Cebu Volunteers for 3V1G EffortsLed by Laila Abadingo, Finance Lead of MicroSourcing - Cebu, a team of 36 employee volunteers packed relief kits last November 13 and 15 at the headquarters of 3V1G. "Volunteers really enjoyed themselves. They wanted to serve the community but that did not stop them from having fun in the process." Laila shared that volunteering brought the team together in pursuit of a larger, more meaningful goal. 

After the relief kits were prepared, Cebu volunteers joined 3V1G to Northern Cebu islands to distribute supplies. Last November 17, the team traveled to Poro, Hemasulan, and Santiago Bay in Camotes Island to distribute 1,200 bags of relief goods. Volunteers also gave out candies to kids who were back in school, their classes being held in makeshift classrooms.

Another team of five volunteers travelled to Tulang Diot, Camotes Island last November 25. Over 150 relief goods were donated to the community. Tulang Diot is a small island with 185 families in record. The community lost many damaged homes and classrooms to the typhoon. "We also gave mosquito nets to pregnant women and the elderly. The visit was productive and the people were so grateful," says a volunteer.

3V1G provided updates on MicroSourcing’s Php92k donation:

  • The first half of MicroSourcing's donation went to over 520 relief bags and 250kg of rice. Among these resources, 370 relief kits were distributed to families in Poro, Hemasulan and Santiago Bay in Camotes Island. Sacks of rice were donated to the Guadalupe and San Roque evacuation centers where volunteers prepared cooked meals for the evacuees from Tacloban, Leyte.
  • 3V1G is using the rest of MicroSourcing's donation on rehabilitation efforts and rebuilding homes and schools in Carnaza, Daanbantayan, Cebu.

MicroSourcing is working with 3V1G and three more organizations to contribute to the rehabilitation of the greater Visayas region. While there is more to be done to rebuild typhoon-stricken communities, recovery is within reach, thanks to numerous volunteers who join the struggle.

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