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MicroSourcing Volunteers Paint a Wall of Dreams

by: Admin

Friday, September 27, 2013 | Company News | Social Responsibility |

MicroSourcing Volunteers Paint a Wall of Dreams"This is how a tutorial center in Payatas looks like," a volunteer proudly marvels at her work of beautiful walls in the middle of a city dumpsite.

MicroSourcing volunteers engage in a mural project

MicroSourcing volunteers engaged in a mural project to inspire the kids of Payatas Orione Foundation with walls that picture life, stories, and dreams realized. The project aims to create an environment where kids love to learn, with wall paintings of dream jobs that empower students with their own aspirations.

MicroCreatives Designer Mayu Ferrer created illustrations from the student scholars' own drawings of "what they want to be when they grow up." Up on the walls are sketches of a teacher, a glorious singer, a pilot gleefully flying an aircraft, a sophisticated stewardess, a bank manager, a doctor and a nurse, and an engineer at the forefront of his architectural masterpiece.

Along with 15 employee volunteers, five MicroSourcing scholars helped with the painting. The artists of the group sketched outline and everyone else filled the drawings with playful colors.

"The kids will love this. They will be very excited. You made the room so vibrant." A representative from Payatas Orione Foundation, Ms. Mila Parcon, says in Filipino as she thanked the volunteers.

As volunteers finalized the mural, they shared a perspective of Payatas not as a dumpsite or an area of urban slums but a district that houses a promising Wall of Dreams.




Friday, September 27, 2013

It's a really nice painting. How we wish we were also there to help paint the school wall. Next time, we will join so that we can share and help for some informative activities. :)

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