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MicroSourcing Hosts Saturdate with the Scholars

by: Karen Cayamanda

Thursday, August 1, 2013 | Company News | Social Responsibility |

MicroSourcing Hosts Saturdate with the Scholars MicroSourcing volunteers visited Payatas Orione Foundation for a Saturdate of fun and games with the organization’s student scholars last July 27. Volunteers distributed brand new school kits donated by clients and employees from five office sites of MicroSourcing.

MicroSourcing volunteers inspired by Saturdate with student scholars

Saturdate as told by the volunteers:

Carole Monteloyola on Games. Lively hosts Amado Basa and Mayu Ferrer opened the event with group games the-boat-is-sinking and paint-me-a-picture. Carole recounts, "Over 85 grade school students were grouped into 10 and I was assigned to a team of young, energetic boys. They made me feel like a carefree child again, like I can play and have fun with no care for the world."

KC Cayamanda on MicroSourcing Scholars. Ten high school students supported by MicroSourcing assisted in facilitating the activities. Volunteer KC talks about the students' efforts to inspire the younger scholars of Payatas Orione, "They presented a production number that showcased their talents in acting and dancing. I saw how they carry themselves. They are good examples for the other kids who look up to them as leaders and older sisters."

Mayu Ferrer on "What do you want to be when you grow up?" For a more toned-down activity, the kids were invited to draw their dream jobs. Most of the girls want to become teachers, while playful boys aspire to be professional athletes and basketball players. Some dream to serve people as firemen, policemen, doctors and nurses. MicroSourcing Hosts Saturdate with the Scholars

Volunteers like Mayu found themselves inspired by the students' drawings, "I was overwhelmed by how these kids will never run out of dreams. Their dreams inspired me the most. I know there are a lot of people my age who're trying to be mature and lose the aspirations they had as children. I don't want to lose that. Keeping close with children and their big dreams will remind me that the inner kid in me wants to change the world and make it better for the people I love and everyone else around me."

Another volunteer Leica Chang shares similar sentiments about the dreams of little children, "Each kid in my group had a dream and they did not have any doubt that they will achieve it some day. This kind of confidence in becoming a doctor, policeman, nurse, or flight stewardess touched me and made me realize that our attitude about our goals makes all the difference. These kids have very little yet they keep hold of their ability to dream and believe. We too can make a difference in our small way if we believe it is possible."

Aryann Matusoc on School Kits. Payatas Orione's students in grades 1, 3, and 4 along with MicroSourcing's scholars received brand new school supplies. The kids' excitement over school kits well showed their passion for education. This was very clear to Aryann, "These kids want to fight poverty with education and they are not wasting any opportunity given to them. It was a Saturday and they were supposed to be resting in their homes but they chose to attend the event early in the morning. They came not just for the freebies but also to learn from the activities. I hope more volunteers participate next time and see the same hope in the eyes of these kids."

MicroSourcing is grateful to its active volunteers who share so much of their time to the greater community. As articulated by another seasoned volunteer, "This world is surprisingly abundant with really nice people who will go out of their way to share their time and blessings to make other people happy."

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