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Another Anti-offshoring Bill Proposed in the US

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

US Representative Tim Bishop (D-NY) recently revealed The United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act of 2013, which is similar to the anti-offshoring act he proposed back in December 2011, but failed to garner votes.

The new bill, also known as "Press 1 for America", targets offshore call centers working on behalf of companies based in the US. However, industry experts predict that it will have little impact to buyers and suppliers in the voice services sector.

It is a regulation that aims to mandate call center workers outside the US to state the country they are calling from and give customers the choice of being transferred to a US-based call center representative. The bill also has provisions for the US Department of Labor to provide a public list of businesses that subcontract call center services abroad to disqualify them from grants, loans, and other federal exemptions and discounts for three years.

Meanwhile, Atul Vashistha, CEO of offshoring consultancy NeoAdvisory, said it will impact organizations involved minimally and he predicted that the bill will catch on. Thus, he sees several threats that could lead to additional costs for buyers and providers, and cause problems to the customer service process.

Adam Luciano, the principal analyst who oversees call center outsourcing for HfS Research, also shared his thoughts on the matter, saying the legislation could result to an increase in investments for US-based call centers and rise in the number of local agents working from home. This could then lead to stability between offshore and domestic sourcing. He also said there’s a small chance that the bill will be approved.


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