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Corporate Social Responsibility Desk Takes a Tour around MicroSourcing

by: Karen Cayamanda

Thursday, July 25, 2013 | Company News | Social Responsibility |

CSR Desk Tours MicroSourcing MicroSourcing Offices

Corporate Social Responsibility Desk Takes a Tour around MicroSourcing"I want to help create a progressive Philippines," writes a MicroSourcing employee on a freedom board put up next to the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) desk.

For the month of July, MicroSourcing's CSR team toured all Manila sites to gather ideas for new funding and volunteering activities, promote the work of our nonprofit partners, and to launch the official CSR section.

The CSR Desk Tour was organized in partnership with The Healthy Corner, a livelihood program of Life Project for Youth. The Healthy Corner offers fresh fruit shakes made by motivated young men who seek to overcome poverty through entrepreneurship. Out-of-school youth manage the stall and treat the project as their own enterprise.

To support The Healthy Corner, MicroSourcing sponsored fruit shakes to winners of a promotional game for the CSR section. Employees were quizzed about CSR programs published in the website; questions were in the form of "what are the 3 program areas of MicroSourcing CSR" or "name one of our nonprofit partners." For a prize, they win a fruit shake of their choice in a selection of banana, mango, avocado, apple or mixed fruits.

Employees shared insights and feedback on CSR activities through the freedom board and discussions with team representatives. In completing the statement "Before I die, I want to ___," they answered "help kids who can’t afford to go to school," "build a public library," and "create jobs through my own business." Other popular ideas include children’s causes, housing and education programs for the less fortunate, and support for nursing homes. 

The new CSR section in the company’s website reaffirms MicroSourcing’s commitment to community development. It documents the department’s central programs, guiding principles, and nonprofit partners. It also features key contributors, volunteers, and advisers who make social initiatives a shared undertaking of the entire MicroSourcing community.

Inspired by suggestions from employees and volunteers, MicroSourcing will continue to invest in creating positive social impact in communities it operates in.

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