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MicroSourcing Eastwood Operations - Townhall Meetings

by: Karen Cayamanda

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 | Company News |

MicroSourcing Eastwood Townhall Meetings

MicroSourcing Eastwood Operations held their townhall meetings last October to recognize exceptional employees, announce company updates, and give employees an avenue to build better working relationships.


Michael Louie Aguila - Operations Manager

MicroSourcing Eastwood Operations - Townhall MeetingsThe following employees were given recognition for their commitment and dedication to their respective projects:

• Jessica Torrevillas - Best in Attendance
• Bryan Durana - Mr. Congeniality
• Eldridge Que - Mr. Positive Vibes
• Leica Chang - ICT Model Employee

The following employees were given prizes for their active participation in the event.

• LA Tenorio - Best in Black (male)
• Ghini Lorbis - Best in Black (female)
• Bon Jovi Bernardo - won the trivia game

Night Shift Unit

• Ryan Jimenez - Mr. Congeniality
• Mary Rose Santos - Best in Attendance


• Dianah Mabini - Best in Attendance
• Marijoyce Perona - Mr. Congeniality

• Romeo  Lao-To - Best in Attendance
• Ryan Causon - Mr. Congeniality

• Mark Yasay - Best in Black (male)
• Joylyn Villavicencio- Best in Black (female)

Back Office Services (BOS)
Sheryl Erika Nazario - Operations Manager

MicroSourcing Eastwood Operations - Townhall MeetingsThe success of a project continues to be shaped by hard work and effective performance of our employees. Presence and significant client feedback deserve to be recognized in some tangible form and program. BOS Rockstar provides an avenue for this recognition.

Under the BOS Rockstar, an individual is recognized for attendance and exemplary performance on a quarterly basis.  To provide an opportunity for public recognition, the BOS Rockstar will be announced during the Quarterly Town Hall. This recognition program will run from July 2012 to June 2013. 

Our First Quarter Nominees:
Rona Rose Almelor
Rosary Ann Matusoc
Karen Hazel Pelaez

Our first ever BOS Rockstar Winner is Donabella Moreno. She received the highest competency rating from both our Manila and Sydney teams. With her leadership and guidance, she steered her client's account to success. She tracks her team's performance, identifying areas for development on a weekly basis, and gives her best, thereby creating a tight knit group with a wonderful team spirit and enhancing the culture of her client's account.

Average Attendance Rating for Q4: 100%

English Language Services (ELS)
Moses Linsangan - Operations Manager

MicroSourcing Eastwood Operations - Townhall MeetingsFive employees were recognized for their consistent outstanding performance. The criteria used were attendance rating, quality of work, and client commendations.

Here are the "ELS Top 5" awardees:

• Jasmine Solana
• Loreli Pama
• Edsel Dura
• Rafael Mondonedo
• Katherine Campos

Voice Services
Melanie Mychelle Dunham - Operations Manager

They likewise provided updates and a rundown of policy reminders to call center employees at the MDC office.

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