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Outsourcing Used by Two-thirds of Marketers

by: Sarah Joson

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

Online Marketers Leverage Outsourcing

According to an Aquent report, two-thirds of marketers outsource strategy-related processes to focus on core goals. Factors that contributed to the decision of over 70 percent of the respondents to outsource are lack of resources and skill inadequacy.

As web marketing continues to evolve, firms are trying hard to catch up with the changes and employ workers who have the right skillset for the job. In fact, less than half said they were able to hire candidates who met their requirements.  By hiring third-party service providers, several processes of web marketing can be assigned to them. This then enables companies to make best use of the expertise of the external provider, as well as maximize internal resources.

Marketing professionals now face new processes that are involved with digital marketing. They now want to be more visible online through processes like search engine optimization (SEO). But to be able to do so, they would need the right skills and expertise.

The new processes require a proactive team that is able to act on the latest trends and apply these to the brands that they are handling. Others consider outsourcing to be able to fill the strategic gaps as the industry evolves.


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