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MicroSourcing to Work with PH Embassy to the Netherlands

by: Karen Cayamanda

Friday, September 7, 2012 | Company News |

MicroSourcing Opens Sales Support Office in Europe

MicroSourcing to Work with PH Embassy to the NetherlandsMicroSourcing recently opened its new sales and support office in Europe. To further support our push into the European market, MicroSourcing's CEO, Philip Kooijman, travelled to the Netherlands last August 31. Mr. Kooijman visited the Philippine Embassy in the Hague and had a meeting with Her Excellency Lourdes G. Morales, the Philippine Ambassador to the Netherlands. MicroSourcing' European Sales Director, Robert Chevalier, organized the meeting in cooperation with the trade and investment team of the Philippine Embassy.
The Philippine Embassy serves a number of purposes and one of those is to promote the Philippines as a business and investment destination for Dutch companies. This is completely in line with what MicroSourcing is trying to achieve. European companies are typically careful and conservative. Offshoring to a relatively unknown and far away destination like the Philippines may seem too adventurous to Dutch companies. Ms. Morales admitted that it is a big challenge to raise awareness about the Philippine opportunity in the Netherlands. News coverage about the Philippines had mostly been about natural disasters and political unrest for the last few decades. The international press is increasingly reporting the extraordinary growth of the Philippines and other positive stories but it will take time to change public perception. Distance also plays a large part, which is why Dutch companies focus more on Eastern Europe even though cost savings can be much larger in more distant destinations. 
MicroSourcing has been working hard on changing this perception and making companies from all over the world understand that the Philippines offers tremendous opportunities. MicroSourcing focuses on a few key messages:
  • The Filipino people are warm, friendly, and very service-oriented. They are furthermore fluent in English and are deeply immersed in Western culture.
  • The Philippines offers an economically and politically stable environment with tremendous progress in terms of infrastructure and government support.
  • Establishing an offshore operation in the Philippines with MicroSourcing is virtually risk-free and can have a tremendously positive impact on your company's performance.
Robert Chevalier, who is based in the Netherlands, will work closely with the Philippine Embassy in the Hague in the coming months to work on public relations events to raise awareness about the Philippines and hopefully open the eyes of the Dutch business world to the opportunities that exist in the Philippines. 
MicroSourcing is perfectly equipped to help in these efforts; the founder and CEO of the company is Dutch and many key positions in the company are held by Dutch professionals. The story of a Dutch team operating very successfully in the Philippines since 2004 should help a lot in countering skepticism. 
MicroSourcing's unique service delivery models furthermore focus on full transparency and direct operational control for the client. This is a perfect match for the conservative and risk-averse nature of most Dutch companies.
MicroSourcing is looking forward to working together with the Philippine Embassy in the Netherlands and other countries.

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