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Manpower Acquisition Dept.ís Referral Program Winners Revealed

by: Karen Cayamanda

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 | Company News |

Manpower Acquisition Dept.’s Referral Program Winners RevealedCompany nurse Elizabeth Tamayo and IT Engineer Christian Dela Rosa were the winners of the recently concluded referral program for their successful employee referrals of three Clinical Abstractors and five Onsite Schedulers, respectively. This program was facilitated by the Manpower Acquisition Department.

Each winner got a brand new iPad2 (16gb). Aside from that, Ms. Tamayo received a total of Php15,000 as incentives while Mr. Dela Rosa got Php10,000.

MicroSourcing referral program

From June 6 to July 9, all employees were encouraged to refer their friends and apply to MicroSourcing. For each successful referral submitted to MicroRefer.com, the employee would get one point, and the top prize would be given to the employee with the most number of hired referrals. Incentives were also given per successful employee referral for the following positions: Clinical Abstractor, Onsite Scheduler, Production Manager, and VP of Operations.

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