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Research Shows ‘Big 4’ Dominating F&A BPO Market

by: Ronald Escanlar

Thursday, January 6, 2011 |

Research firm Horses for Sources (HfS) says their market analysis of the global finance & accounting BPO market sees three large outsourcing service providers cornering more than fifty percent of the market.

The report, soon to be released by HfS, indicates that BPO newcomers are “clearly struggling to take any significant share away from the ‘Big 4’ incumbent providers; Accenture, IBM,Genpact and Capgemini.”

HfS says the Big 4 has managed to close multimillion dollar deals during the past years, leveraging on existing contracts and renewing them. The firm says Accenture has been the most active in winning large enterprise clients. Most newcomers, HfS reports, close deals that fall under the sub-$5m category.

The HfS data, beginning with 2004 lasting through 2010, shows average contract deals steadily decreasing. The firm advises BPO newcomers to “stay the course,” winning smaller deals and growing them, and at the same time, turning a profit.

HfS advises that common technology platforms, common process workflows, and reliance on the Cloud will definitely help providers with their multi-client shared-service capability, but “flexible, ample, people-delivery resources” are still important in closing a deal.


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