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NASSCOM Says Yes to Flexible BPO Atmosphere for Women

by: Karen Cayamanda

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 | Outsourcing News |

Improvement of Female Attrition in BPOs Probed

Indian IT and BPO industry body National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) favored a flexible work atmosphere for women who are raising their own families. This is to reduce the drop-out rates and increase the number of Indian female workers in mid- and senior management level positions in IT-BPO companies.

According to NASSCOM chairman Harsh Manglik, there are instances when female workers take a break from work to raise their families. The “biggest barrier” arises when they come back to work after quite some time and they feel outdated and disconnected from the work atmosphere. They also feel “left behind” when it comes to technology competency. Manglik noted in the Diversity and Inclusivity Summit 2010 that the industry must offer an opportunity or a flexible atmosphere to keep them engaged. NASSCOM added that there are 600,000 women who are employed in the IT-BPO industry in India, but less than four percent have senior level positions.



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