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RP welcomes Carbon Accounting Outsourcing

by: Carlo Abadilla

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 |

Carbon accounting work has become a major obstacle for companies worldwide due to increasing regulatory and market forces, E-Commerce News reported. Carbon accounting outsourcing (CAO) may be the next big thing in the global outsourcing industry as companies worldwide adjust to an increasingly “carbon constrained” economy. The UN climate summit in December magnified the issue, discussing emission cuts on greenhouse gases.

The Philippines became the first offshore destination to offer Carbon Accounting Outsourcing solutions when global outsourcing service provider, ADEC Solutions, opened FirstCarbon facilities in the Philippines in June 2009. While there are green consultancies that offer advice on carbon reporting, FirstCarbon's facilities in the Philippines is the first to undertake the complex work necessary to collect and report on energy use and carbon emissions.

"ADEC's experience in BPO means we already understand how to handle much of the data that will be required, such as accounts payable information and fuel costs," said company director, Ian McGowan. "And by using our facilities in the Philippines we would expect to offer cost savings of 35 to 40 percent compared with doing the work in-house."

The global market for carbon accounting, collecting data and consulting services is expected to reach $7 billion to $9 billion by 2012.


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