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Eagle View crowned Counterstrike champs

by: Admin

Monday, October 19, 2009 | Company News |

MicroSourcing Counterstrike Tournament

MicroSourcing's official Counterstrike tournament concluded on Friday, October 16th with Eagle View project team, Counter-Terro beating MicroSourcing management team, Harry and Friends by a landslide. Both teams had yet to face any real challenge heading into the final with Counter-Terro boasting a record of 53 wins 26 losses and Harry and Friends entering the final with  52 wins and only 12 losses.

Both teams immediately sensed the challenge that Counter-Terro's marksmanship and organization posed to Harry and Friends during practice rounds. It was a challenge that Harry and Friends never looked like overcoming with the first round ending a decisive 22 and 3. Every HaF victory throughout the game was wildly celebrated as if a miracle had been witnessed with some on-lookers seeming to cheer sarcastically.

It looked as though things would change during the second round with Harry and Friends once pulling within 1 win of a deadlock. Counter-Terro, constantly barking orders to each other, caught on, however, and quickly pulled the gap to 4 wins - and never looked back. At one point, Kooijman had joked that the opposition might still win if they were armed with only knives; and, late in the game, with Counter-Terro running around the map in a knifing frenzy, it looked a grim reality.

Counter-Terro thuroughly impressed; putting up a clinic that could only be described as "magical". Prizes await both teams at the trophy presentation at the MS Cafe on Friday, October 30th.

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