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MicroSourcing to Focus on Outsourcing Solutions for SMBs

by: Karen Cayamanda

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 | Company News |

Customized Outsourcing Solutions for SMBs

As a response to the specific requirements and challenges of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), MicroSourcing, a premiere Philippines-based outsourcing solutions provider, will concentrate on providing customized outsourcing services to the SMB client segment.

“The outsourcing industry still seems to revolve around large providers providing solutions to large clients. This leaves a wide open marketplace for small to medium-sized solutions designed for small to medium-sized businesses,” says Philip Kooijman, General Manager of MicroSourcing. “SMBs are perfect clients in many ways. The deals are typically smaller in size and therefore much easier and quicker to close. The client is typically highly involved with the day to day operations which makes it a very personal engagement where the client, their offshore staff, and their contacts at MicroSourcing work together very closely. The benefits of offshore outsourcing can furthermore have a huge impact on the success of a small business. It can give them the manpower flexibility they need in their start-up and growth phase and it can provide them access to highly skilled professionals whom they might not be able to afford or attract in their domestic markets. The money saved by outsourcing part of their operations can be used to increase the client's marketing and sales efforts which are crucial as they try to grow their business.”

The success of penetrating this client segment relies on service delivery models specifically designed to meet the needs of SMB clients. Any service provider targeting the SMB market will need to be flexible enough to take on small projects and properly manage them.

MicroSourcing aims to offer various delivery models that are easy to understand and small enough in size that small businesses can give them a try without making any large scale commitments. “For the smallest projects, we will typically use our own staff and simply charge the client per hour, per deliverable or for the project as a whole. The most powerful SMB solution we have is offshore staff leasing whereby we enable them to have one or more handpicked employees work for them exclusively. In this way, a small business can start up a small, low-cost operation in the Philippines. Our website has a solutions finder that will aid companies in finding their perfect service delivery model within a minute. In general, our value proposition for SMBs is really great but the challenge will be to reach these companies and make them understand what outsourcing could mean for them,” Mr. Kooijman added.

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