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BPO workers prioritizing non-cash incentives

by: Carlo Abadilla

Thursday, July 30, 2009 |

A study conducted by XMG Global indicates that BPO workers are now placing more importance on non-cash incentives such as flexible work hours and paid time off when considering their employment options. The study was conducted on top flight offshoring destinations India, the Philippines, and China in an effort to map the industry's challenges of retaining talent.

The study indicates workers' prioritization of incentives that emphasize the "quality of life" of employees have grown to “an astounding” 18 percent. These interests include flexible work hours, additional paid time off, telecommuting, stress management and family counseling.

XMG's research indicates that not just successful retention, but high performance is achieved by work environments that consider quality of life as opposed to cash rewards for quality output:

“As health and family related issues are on the rise, most particularly due to work-related stress and working the graveyard shifts, the respondents indicated they are willing to devote more to a company that recognizes and respects their personal needs and life circumstances,” said XMG founder and chief analyst, Lauro Vives.


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