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Are you looking for ICD-10 Medical Coding or Revenue Cycle Management Resources?

  • Medical Coding - Get ahead of the critical shortage of Medical Coders in the U.S. by building a team of certified coders in the Philippines.

  • Revenue Cycle Management - Gain better productivity and take advantage of lower transaction costs by building a scalable team of Revenue Cycle Management agents in the Philippines.

MicroSourcing works with several well-known healthcare companies and we have enabled them to establish their own operations in the Philippines. Through our powerful hybrid outsourcing solution, MicroSourcing provides all the assets, resources, and operations support functions in our facilities in the Philippines. Clients deploy their processes, tools, and quality standards, and retain operational control. They can also fully customize how operations are established and managed on a daily basis.

Learn how Managed Operations keeps you in control of your outsourced operation.
Download Managed Operations in the Philippines for the U.S. Healthcare Industry.

Medical Coders

Medical Coding Outsourcing MicroSourcingThe implementation of ICD-10 regulations is a major disruption to the healthcare industry, specifically for medical coding services. These changes are expected to create an even larger shortage of qualified medical coding professionals in the United States.

  • AHIMA is estimating that there will be a 25% loss in productivity of coders for the first 24 months of ICD-10. This means more medical coders will be needed to just maintain the current healthcare industry production requirements.

  • AHIMA doesn't have an exact figure, but based on discussions with current members, they are forecasting an increase in the number of medical coders who will retire and not get retrained on ICD-10. This increase in retirements will add to the shortage of medical coders.

With these changes impacting your ability to meet your medical coding requirements, exploring all viable options is a must to ensure that production obligations can be met and to offer a solution to control the ever increasing costs.

Build your own team of AHIMA- or AAPC-certified Medical Coding resources in the Philippines.

Revenue Cycle Management

MicroSourcing has customers who leverage their teams to provide end-to-end revenue cycle management processes. MicroSourcing understands that different skills and experience are required for the different stages of claims processing and we recruit college educated resources with the skills and experience you specify.

  • Initial claims entry - including follow-up to gather any missing information

  • Claims status updates and follow-up

  • Payment posting

  • Claims denial management

  • Collections - both insurance company and patient

MicroSourcing Advantage

  • Cost savings of at least 70%

  • Flexible and scalable operations

  • Strong partner with a great track record

  • Test the waters and start with a small team

MicroSourcing has the experience and people in place to support and guide you through the implementation process and help manage your ongoing operations.

How it Works

  • We will hire your own dedicated team of medical coders and revenue cycle management agents in the Philippines.

  • We will provide the dedicated work space with access control and all the assets in our facility.

  • We will provide all management and support services.

  • Together, we will manage daily operations but you can retain full and direct control.

  • You can directly employ the staff if you want to.

Talk to our Experts

Our senior leaders are more than willing to speak to you directly and help you get started. Using our vast experience in establishing and managing offshore operations, we can help you understand the concepts, identify the opportunities, and present a potential road map for your company.

MicroSourcing Managament - Business Development - Outsourcing Service Provider Charles Allnutt

Vice President of Global Solutions

phone icon     +1 866 643 0830
       Toll-free (U.S. and Canada)

phone image     +44 800 756 3742
       Toll-free (UK)

How it Works

MicroSourcing offers a powerful hybrid outsourcing solution which forms the perfect middle ground between traditional outsourcing and incorporating an offshore subsidiary.

MicroSourcing Medical Coding Outsourcing Diagram

Our Managed Operations Solution

MicroSourcing can provide you with your own Managed Operations in the Philippines. We will recruit and employ your Filipino staff and we will provide your team with the office space and all the tools and assets they need in the Philippines. MicroSourcing will also provide the full suite of support services that will enable you to focus purely on your production processes. Operations management will be a collaborative effort between MicroSourcing and representatives from your company. At all times, you will have an in-depth understanding and complete control of your company's operations in the Philippines.

MicroSourcing Medical Coding Outsourcing Set Up

Flexible Operations Management Model

Our Managed Operations model gives our clients a lot of direct control over their operations in the Philippines and our clients can decide for themselves how they would like to see things managed. The diagram below illustrates this flexibility in operations management and our client's ability to take a more active or a more passive approach.

MicroSourcing Outsourcing Operational Control

In most cases, we agree on a joint operations management model whereby the responsibilities are divided between our client's managers and members of the MicroSourcing operations management group. Our clients are free to move the slider over time and take on a more active or a more passive role in daily operations. What we typically see is that clients with larger accounts tend to take more control and place their own senior managers in control of operations.

An Offshore Operation of Your Own

The key difference between our Managed Operations model and traditional outsourcing is the level of control you will have over your offshore operations. Every single aspect can be customized to suit your unique requirements and preferences:

Your Own Employees MicroSourcing will recruit and employ your Filipino staff to be assigned exclusively and full-time to your company. Your staff will never be assigned to a different client. You can handpick each member of your team.
Your Own Office We can provide you with your own dedicated office space, allowing you to operate according to your own work floor policies and instill your own branding and corporate culture.
Your Own Tools You are free to choose the systems and tools you want us to deploy for your Philippine operations. We can furthermore advise you on the best tools to optimize your onshore-offshore workflow.
Your Own Policies Your Philippine operations can adopt your company policies, processes, and procedures for IT and data security, human resources management, work floor policies, compliance with industry regulations, and any other aspect of your operations.
Your Own Company Down the road, you may choose to establish your own Philippine corporation and employ your Filipino staff directly. MicroSourcing can help you incorporate and manage your Philippine corporation on your behalf.

The Benefits to your Business

Massive Cost Savings Salary costs are around 70% lower than in the U.S., plus your overhead costs will be reduced by more than 50% by using our office space, assets, and support services. You can furthermore grow your production capacity without making any large investments in office space, computers or other assets.
Focus on Growth With MicroSourcing managing all assets and support services, you can focus on the things that will help your business grow. In addition to that, the cost savings you generate in the Philippines can be allocated to your sales and marketing efforts and initiatives that will further optimize your core production processes.
Stay in Control You will remain in full control over your offshore operations. Your clients and stakeholders will appreciate the fact that their data and intellectual property is not leaving your control. Your operations in the Philippines will be truly yours.
Around-the-clock Operations MicroSourcing never closes, so like many of our clients, you have the opportunity to establish 24/7/365 operations. Imagine the impact on your turnaround times, production capacity, and performance if you have a team working around the clock.
Scalable Business As your Philippine operation thrives, MicroSourcing will continue to scale to meet its demands. Whether you need to add one or one hundred additional staff, simply share your additional hiring needs with us and we'll take care of everything.

More than 2,500 employees

working for 140 clients

MicroSourcing has helped companies from around the world establish their own operations in the Philippines since our start of operations in 2006. We have a large number of client case studies and success stories that clearly explain the impact our services have had on our clients' businesses. Many of our clients are also willing to talk to you directly and share their experiences.

Existing Client Profiles

A Healthcare Information
Solutions Provider

Location: Georgia, USA

Client Since: 2011

Staffing: Over 200 certified clinical encoders and 30 chart acquisition specialists

  • Achieved record-setting passing rates on certification exams

  • A thin client environment, wherein all patient data remains in the United States

  • Outperforms U.S. operations both in qualitative and quantitative KPIs

  • Fully HIPAA-compliant with regular third party audits

A Medical Record Retrieval
Services Provider

Location: California, USA

Client Since: 2013

Staffing: Over 70 outbound call center agents and quality control specialists

  • Dramatic reduction in cost of service

  • Outperforms U.S. operations both in qualitative and quantitative KPIs

  • MicroSourcing's scalability enables client to onboard larger clients faster

  • MicroSourcing provides training and QA expertise

A Medical Claims & Debt
Collection Firm

Location: California, USA

Client Since: 2014

Staffing: Over 70 debt collection specialists

  • Transferred to MicroSourcing from traditional call center provider

  • Achieved all-time record setting performance within three months

  • Able to scale quickly through MicroSourcing's recruitment capabilities

  • Strong MicroSourcing support driving further performance improvement

Why the Philippines?

The Philippine Opportunity for US Healthcare companies


The business process outsourcing (BPO) sector directly employed over 900,000 people in the Philippines in 2013, and is projected to reach over one million by the end of 2014. The Philippines has two of the world's top 10 BPO destinations, with Manila in second and Cebu in ninth spot.

  • Highly compatible with Western cultures as a result of strong American influence from years of being a U.S. colony. This eliminates cultural barriers and makes Filipinos very easy to work with.

  • English is the primary language for government, business and education. Filipinos are generally fluent in English and speak with a neutral accent. Filipinos boast a high literacy rate of nearly 92%, with basic education available to virtually the whole population.

  • Excellent higher-level education and an abundance of highly medical professionals with more than 150,000 unemployed registered nurses readily available to work for offshore clients.

  • Salary levels are around 30% of equivalent U.S. salaries, meaning savings of 50-80% on your cost of service are easy to achieve through MicroSourcing.

  • Fastest-growing economy in Asia with a GDP growth of 7.8% outpacing China and India. The Philippines has also recently received investment grade credit ratings from S&P, Moody's and Fitch, foretelling of substantial increases in foreign direct investment. In addition to that, tremendous progress has been made in the quality and reliability of the country's infrastructure and business support capabilities.

  • Politically stable with government incentive programs that encourage foreign companies to invest in the country and that offer extensive support for the BPO industry, one of the country's main revenue generators.

MicroSourcing Philippines - Outsourcing Destination

Official Name: Republic of the Philippines

Geography: Archipelago of 7,107 islands

National Languages: English, Filipino

Population: 103 Million

Labour force: 41 Million

Currency: Philippine Peso

Religion: Roman Catholic- 90%
                Muslim - 8%
                Other - 2%

GDP: $272.2B (2013)

Capital: Manila

Literacy rate: 92%

Average population age: 23.1 years

More Healthcare Solutions

Outsourcing providers have been delivering services from the Philippines for decades at cost savings of 50-80% of traditional domestic rates. Healthcare companies based in the U.S., Europe and Australia have taken notice and are now establishing their own Philippines-based operations to look after processes for the front office, the back office and everything in-between.

  • Medical abstraction & coding

  • Medical chart acquisition

  • Medical transcription

  • Claims processing

  • Scheduling coordination

  • Medical writing

  • Finance & accounting

  • Medical billing

  • Payment posting

  • Payment follow-up

  • Patient care follow-up

  • Member services and customer care

  • Sales and marketing

  • HR services

Getting Started

Our senior leaders are more than willing to speak to you directly and help you get started. Using our vast experience in establishing and managing offshore operations, we can help you understand the concepts, identify the opportunities, and present a potential road map for your company. A brief discussion with any of our executives will be a worthwhile exercise even if your company has never outsourced before or is currently not actively seeking to establish offshore operations. Furthermore, our engagement process is refreshingly simple and efficient. Many of our clients go live within 60 to 90 days after establishing first contact with us.

Charles Charles Allnutt

Vice President of Global Solutions

phone     +1 866 643 0830
       Toll-free (U.S. and Canada)

phone     +44 800 756 3742
       Toll-free (UK)