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Outsourcing Models

Besides the different Outsourcing Classifications, there are also a lot of different ways that an outsourcing solution can be structured. Here are some of the project variables and each outsourcing model that clients and providers can agree upon:

  • Project Duration
    Are you outsourcing a project with a fixed timetable and duration? Or are you planning to outsource a certain business process for an indefinite period of time?

  • Talent Requirements
    How many people do you need? Will these employees have full-time, part-time or freelance contracts? What skills and experience do you need them to have?

  • Infrastructure & Tools
    What infrastructure will your project require? What will your people need in terms of hardware, software, and connectivity?

  • Management
    How will the various management tasks be divided between you and your outsourcing provider? Who will handle HR, technical support, operational management, quality assurance, production planning, etc?

  • Compensation Scheme
    How will your outsourcing provider be compensated? Will it be based on headcount, man-hours or deliverables? Will there be any performance incentive schemes?

These project variables and the details involved will form the building blocks of the final outsourcing model applied between you and your provider. At MicroSourcing, we are very flexible and will work with any outsourcing model that makes sense for both the client and us. Our Outsourcing Services section provides information on some of our standard solutions.