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Game Design Outsourcing


The ever increasing popularity of different gaming platforms such as the PC, Max, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, iPhone/iPad, and other handheld devices has paved the way for the increasing demand for game design services. As the population of game enthusiasts continues to grow, production houses are in a constant search for new game designs and concepts that offer a unique gaming experience. Game design is part of the game development cycle which includes processes such as graphic design, animation, voice recording, sound editing, video production, and quality assurance.

Game design is a very costly process due to the cutting-edge technologies needed to do the work and the fact that not a lot of designers have the knowledge and skills to produce excellent game designs. Outsourcing your game design processes will enable your company to lower production expenses and shorten the duration of the development cycle. Through MicroSourcing, you will gain instant access to the community of Filipino game designers and developers and you can instantly add their skills and international experience to your development team.

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