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Data Entry Outsourcing


Data entry is a very broad discipline. In most cases, it means that an employee takes data stored in a certain medium and inserts these into a computer system through a data entry interface. The original content can come from any source: it could be available on paper, scanned documents, online or stored in picture, audio or video files. In its simplest form, data entry just means copy-pasting data from the source to the destination system. It becomes more complicated if the data has to be researched, identified or need interpretation or the application of business rules before these are entered into a system. Most companies have processes that entail some degree of data entry either as part of their core production processes or as part of their overhead and administration.

MicroSourcing has years of experience in providing data entry services to a wide range of companies, utilizing the skills of English-speaking data entry specialists. In 2004, we started with a team that extracted and inserted affiliate program data into a content management system. Soon after, we landed a deal for an Australian client who required us to insert the pricing data of print advertisement into their system. We currently have numerous clients who have some form of data research and data entry process running through MicroSourcing.


We have years of experience in taking on data entry work for a wide range of clients:

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