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The People Behind CSR

MicroMissions is run by a diverse team of skilled and enthusiastic contributors and volunteers who all share our belief in an inclusive community and a strong commitment to youth empowerment.


Nona Kooijman

Nona is an educator and an advocate of youth development. She founded MicroSourcing's CSR arm out of a personal commitment to helping the Philippines through education and employment. Her passion for education springs from years of teaching middle school students at Brent International School. Nona graduated from the University of Asia and the Pacific with a Bachelor's degree in Humanities. She was the VP of PR & Marketing of MicroSourcing from 2010-2016 and is one of its major shareholders.


Lesley Anne Ordinario

Lesley works full-time for Employee Engagement. She is in charge of the day-to-day management of all our CSR initiatives. Lesley has 9 years of experience as a communications and process trainer in the BPO industry. She handled Careers Program Batch 5 where all 11 interns graduated and were absorbed by the company after internship; some were also able to pursue a career in other companies. It was Lesley who coined the MicroMissions tagline "Creating Positive Change", believing that all initiatives, no matter how small, create a big and positive impact. To date, Lesley has organized 38 activities that have benefited 29 charities and organizations. Lesley graduated from the University of the Philippines - Diliman with a Bachelor's degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management.

Partner and Adviser


Jane Leu

Jane Leu is an experienced consultant who helped build the structure and foundation of MicroSourcing's CSR arm. She is a multi-awarded social entrepreneur known for her expertise in global migration, talent, and workforce issues. For the past decade, she has led Upwardly Global, an organization she also founded. Upwardly Global seeks to create shifts in the hiring practices of multinational companies, connecting them to a pool of skilled and educated immigrant professionals produced by the developing world. She also recently founded and is currently CEO of Smarter Good, a new venture that services the key functions for non-profit organizations based in the US. Jane has a Master's degree from Columbia University and a Bachelor's degree from Tufts University.



Kate Briz

Kate designed and facilitated the Careers for Disadvantaged Youth training under the leadership of Marie Pearl Martinez, our Learning and Development Manager. This unique training program delivered through MicroSourcing University helps Careers Program youth acquire basic skills in English Communication and Computer Literacy to successfully perform their assigned entry-level tasks. Kate also devotes time to the Careers Program as a volunteer mentor, to help the youth succeed in their MicroSourcing journey. Kate has been a corporate trainer since 2009, delivering Foundation and Process Skills Training. She studied Marketing Management at the University of the East.

Key Volunteers


Wim Kooijman

Wim is a volunteer trainer for the program. He built and implemented an English course covering grammar basics, pronunciation, and vocabulary for beginners. Wim has 37 years of experience teaching English language and literature. For the greater part of his career, he taught at St. James' College, a secondary school for highly talented children in Holland. After working with almost 12,000 students, Wim retired 10 years ago and he visits the Philippines during Dutch autumns and winters. Wim had taken up English Language and Literature in both college and graduate school and he has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology. Wim is the father of MicroSourcing's CSO Philip Kooijman.


Jules Luna

Jules is one of the MicroMissions POCs for Eastwood sites. He is a volunteer enthusiast even before joining MicroSourcing in 2016. Jules has been involved in various volunteering programs focusing on community service projects and youth development in partnership with different NGOs. His experience, passion, and commitment to community involvement have been a great contribution to MicroSourcing's CSR programs. Jules is currently working full-time as Automotive Data Analyst and a part-time college instructor at ICCT Colleges. He is currently pursuing his Master's Degree in Business Administration at the National College of Business and Arts.

Employee Volunteers

Employee Volunteers

Over 200 employee volunteers have participated in internal programs and social initiatives that benefit our partner organizations. Moreover, more than 800 employees have donated and contributed in cash and in kind to campaigns for education and disaster relief. MicroSourcing is proud to have an active base of employee volunteers who support our mission to create healthy and thriving communities in the Philippines.

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