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Guiding Principles

Our commitment to a holistic corporate social responsibility program stems out of a deep-routed corporate culture of openness, diversity, and family values.

These are the guiding principles that share our CSR decision-making and funding priorities:

  • We believe that financially disadvantaged Filipinos are equally talented and should be given access to promising job opportunities. In the Philippines, a large portion of the youth population is not in school and unemployed. We found these young people to be trainable, eager to pursue further studies, and highly capable of excelling in our business.
  • We believe that we need to maximize the return on investment of our CSR initiatives. Our efforts need to be well managed and our contributors and partner organizations need to be efficient and capable of delivering good results. We need to carefully plan our initiatives and maximize their impact.
  • We believe we need to set the right example by working with integrity and transparency. Our employees need to set the tone and exemplify the core values that MicroMissions and MicroSourcing hold dear.
  • We believe in a culture of giving that stretches beyond our immediate social circles. We believe that as many people as possible need to be involved and help create positive change. In the context of our company, this means driving participation among our management, our employees, and our clients.
CSR by the Numbers

(as of November 2017)

  • US$219,246 in total donations given
  • 7,349 volunteer hours given
  • 54 scholarships awarded
  • 84 Careers Program graduates
  • 5,261 school kits distributed
  • 311 pairs of shoes donated
  • 1,279 Christmas wishes granted
  • 768 trees planted
  • 136 blood bags donated
  • 1 day care center built