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MicroSourcing Employee Facilities

We have a variety of facilities and support services for our employees and their welfare needs. These facilities help create a very positive working environment within MicroSourcing.

MS Café

MS Café - MicroSourcing MS Café - MicroSourcing

MS Café is our very own in-house catering service operating the restaurants in our delivery centers. Our MS Café at 1880 Building - Eastwood City has a capacity of over 100. In our headquarters at Picadilly Star Building, we have two more restaurants, both able to seat 49 staff. Our MS Café at TwoE-com Center can accommodate 93 employees.

MS Café sells food, drinks, and snacks 24/7 with a focus on great quality and very low prices. A full meal costs about 60 pesos (less than $2). MS Café is extremely popular with our employees. The restaurants are also used as our social halls for company events, town hall meetings, and Free Food Friday - our monthly free food fiesta.

Career Hub

Career Hub - MicroSourcing Career Hub - MicroSourcing

MicroSourcing's Career Hub is located right across from our front desk, easily accessible from the elevator lobby. This area is specially designed to receive and process job applicants, and is supported by our MicroResumes recruitment system, a web-based tool that guides the entire application process. Our Career Hub has a capacity of 32 seats, meaning we can process 32 applicants at the same time. It also has interview rooms where applicants are screened on a continuous basis.


Clinic - MicroSourcing

Our Clinic is located in our Health Center, right beside the main entrance. It is staffed day and night by fully qualified nurses who are trained to deal with minor complaints and knowledgeable enough to properly escalate more serious health problems. The Clinic has a treatment bed and the usual basic medical supplies and equipment. MicroSourcing provides most basic medicines for common complaints like headaches and fever free of charge.


Pharmacy - MicroSourcing

MicroSourcing has partnered with UniLab to provide our employees with a full service Pharmacy within our office. This Pharmacy is located inside our Health Center, right next to our Clinic. The Pharmacy enables our employees to purchase medicines through their payroll account at heavily reduced rates. They can use the Pharmacy to buy medicines in addition to those we provide free of charge.

Locker Room

Locker Room - MicroSourcing

Our Locker Room at MOA has almost 800 lockers where employees can store their personal gadgets or devices while working. This is used specifically by employees who belong to client accounts dealing with sensitive or confidential information.