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Client Case Study: Site Content Moderation

Client Description

This client is a US-based media company involved in a wide range of fields including broadcasting for both radio and TV, real estate, and internet-related ventures.

Services We Provide to the Client

In November 2008, MicroSourcing received an email from the business development manager of the media company inquiring about its services. The company aims to set up a content moderation team with maximum coverage and the least number of people. In February 2009, after finalizing the agreement with the media company's legal department, it started operations with four content moderators covering 20 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Training was done online using web conferencing tools like GoToMeeting and Skype. The training only lasted for a couple of hours and the new hires were ready for the job. The moderators were tasked to moderate images and videos based on content. They were also responsible for tagging and updating links that are noteworthy and should not be missed by the visitors of the TV network's websites.

In September 2009, the media company decided to outsource two more processes to MicroSourcing. One employee was in charge of online marketing and promotion of the company's websites and of coordinating with the network's editors. The other one was in charge of writing and rewriting copies, monitoring feeds, and other tasks in support of the company's television stations.

MicroSourcing's Added Value

With a thin spread of manpower having only one staff member per shift, the MicroSourcing Operations group trained some employees who would be able to provide any coverage during the gaps that may be caused by absences or holidays. The operations group also created a monitoring sheet to track the output of each staff member, the number of videos, and images moderated per hour on a daily basis.