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Client Case Study: Yell Adworks

Client Description

Yell Adworks is part of the Yell Group, the international directories business, and began its activity in 1979. Yell Adworks is a leading provider of multimedia advertising services in the United Kingdom, United States, and Spain. Their core business is to support Yell and its aim is to be the best business information bridge between buyers and sellers, regardless of channel, time or location. They do this by designing digital content for multimedia advertising - in print and online - and by delivering associated services. Yell Adworks' global platform ensures that at any given time, over 1,600 people across three continents are working to help Yell meet the requirements of its customers. More information on Yell Adworks can be found at www.yelladworks.com.

Services we Provide to Yell Adworks

We ran through a long due diligence process that included visits of our executives to Yell Adworks overseas and their executives visiting us in the Philippines over the course of many months. To assure the potential success of an offshore operation in the Philippines, we ran multiple test cases. Our clients personally interviewed potential candidates and we worked with them on sample assignments. Our agreement with Yell Adworks was divided into two phases: a short-term, smaller scale pilot project and a long-term, larger scale agreement based on the results from the pilot project.

What Our Client Says

"I am more than happy to confidently recommend MicroSourcing as a professional and cost-effective offshore partner. We have 10 years of experience in managing offshore operations - both outsourced and internal - and I can safely say that MicroSourcing was the easiest people to work with so far. This manifested itself in many ways: ease of negotiating terms, professionalism of local project planning, recruitment skills and clarity of communications, and visibility for us.

This may sound like a lot of praise but if you consider this: we wanted to just test a 30-person operation for a year or two and ended up growing it to a 600-person multi-disciplined center within 18 months, you'll understand why I'm ready to recommend them very highly indeed. In my opinion, if this is your first time working offshore, you couldn't start with a better crew."

Print Design Outsourcing Case Study
John Tooher
General Manager
MicroSourcing Print Design Case Study

The pilot project required us to set up a dedicated office including highly specific hardware and connectivity requirements to assure smooth assimilation into Yell Adworks' worldwide operations. The project plan was fairly complicated and involved a large number of international parties and providers. Once the decision was made, however, we were able to deliver the live pilot project within six weeks including the 30 staff members who formed the pilot group. Yell Adworks sent a training team to transform this new team into fully certified designers capable of operating in their worldwide supply chain. A detailed plan was made and executed for the daily coordination between our Yell Adworks' operations group in the USA and our management team in the Philippines.

The pilot project was a great success with our team exceeding any quantity/quality metrics Yell Adworks had set for us. We have exceeded their expectations on every aspect. As a result, long before the set termination period of the pilot project, Yell Adworks decided to negotiate with us for the long-term, larger scale agreement. At the time of writing, the long-term agreement is in place and we are currently in the process of ramping up Yell Adworks' offshore operation at MicroSourcing.

MicroSourcing's Added Value

This case study is an example of a large-scale project involving a large multinational company requiring us to deliver the very best quality of service. The international consulting experience and background of our management team proved vital to understanding our client's business, identifying the critical success factors, and delivering great overall results.