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Client Case Study: 24/7/365 Moderation

Client Description

Client X is a US-based mobile content and services provider with a number of large multinational content partners and clients. Client X designs and runs mobile sites on networks in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. One of its latest projects is a mobile social networking site in which users can meet in mobile chat rooms and exchange pictures, audio, and video clips.

Services We Provide to the Client

In 2006, we were contacted by the general manager of Client X to see if we could provide 24/7/365 content vetting services for their mobile social networking site. The mobile operator offering the site has very strict guidelines on which content is allowed to be exchanged between mobile phone users. These guidelines force Client X to manually screen every chat message, guestbook entry, picture, audio clip, and video clip before it is sent to the recipient. This content vetting has to occur real-time and 24/7/365. After all, this mobile phone service is useless if a picture sent by user A is received the day after by user B. Customer satisfaction can only be guaranteed if content is received within seconds.

Within a week of first contact, we decided to move ahead. Within two weeks, we had drafted and signed our agreement, set up a glass enclosed partition within our office with a dedicated IP Camera, and we had hired the initial team of six full-time content vettors working in shifts to provide full 24/7/365 coverage. All in all, they were up and running within three weeks after first contact.

Client X has expanded its offshore team at MicroSourcing to 16 full-time employees. Besides content vetting, these offshore team members also provide design and development work and we are on the verge of providing it with an online marketing team. Client X has made MicroSourcing a big part of its business after seeing the results we can provide.

MicroSourcing's Added Value

We are capable of providing Client X with the 24/7/365 content vetting needed for the successful operation of its mobile service. Furthermore, we are capable of delivering these services at a fraction of the costs it would have incurred using domestic employees or third party content vetting services. With MicroSourcing, the profitability of their mobile service has dramatically increased. Client X is currently rapidly expanding its offshore team to include other tasks like design, development, and marketing.

Client X shows the speed with which we can go from first contact to providing a fully functional offshore operation. The extremely low price that Client X has to pay to assure 24/7/365 coverage furthermore demonstrates the true power of Staff Leasing compared to using specialized third party services. The costs of using a domestic team or third party content moderation services would have been a lot higher than the fixed costs per month per full-time employee that Client X pays to MicroSourcing. The fact that Client X is now rapidly outsourcing other core tasks to MicroSourcing proves that clients will expand their offshore team once the benefits become apparent.