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Client Case Study: Tabaha

Client Description

Tabaha is an employment company helping people get the jobs they want based on their knowledge and skill set. It provides a wide range of products and services that cater to the needs of various job seekers. These include resume writing products, online career and education tests, a job search engine, and a variety of informative articles about career and employment.

Services We Provide to Tabaha

In May 2011, MicroSourcing received an email from the business development team regarding an online resume writing company inquiring about our services. The company aims to set up its customer support contact center team at a reasonable cost with maximum coverage and the right number of people. After finalizing the agreement in July, the client started sourcing for qualified customer service pepresentatives (CSRs) and subsequently, an operations manager to handle the team locally. Furthermore, the client has partnered with a softphone provider from the US with a local office here. After all the necessary requirements and setup with MicroSourcing's team were done, the team was ready to go live.

Tabaha started operations on August 29 with a team of CSRs and an operations manager covering 18 hours a day, seven days a week. The week-long training was conducted by the client's customer service manager. This included product knowledge training, system navigation, softphone familiarization, and role-playing. When the staff members were ready, they were initially given an hour or two to accept actual calls and were guided, coached, and monitored as needed. After completing the learning curve of one month, the staff members were where they needed to be. Like any team, there will be a few instances where staff performance would decline, but immediate action plans were implemented to resolve this. Overall, the team is performing exceptionally well in meeting performance targets, customer satisfaction and client standards.

What Our Client Says

"What we liked about MicroSourcing was the very clear "pass through" business model which means that there is no fundamental conflict of interest. We liked it for several reasons.

First, we are in control of whether we hire a more skilled person for more money or a less skilled person for less money. Second, it meant that the service level and quality metrics were under our control and didn't need to be part of the contract. If we decided we wanted to move the lever up to higher quality or down to lower cost, it was up to us. Third, our MicroSourcing employees were under our control and wouldn't be moved or reassigned at the whim of the outsourcing vendor when they had a new client and needed to staff up quickly with seasoned employees. Fourth, MicroSourcing is very flexible in terms of scaling our organization. It is simple - we don't need to renegotiate contracts - we simply get more desks and hire more people.

Since going live in September [2011], we have grown the support organization by about 50% and it has been very smooth. We are very pleased with our decision to go with MicroSourcing and the results it has delivered for our organization. Your needs may be different from ours, but I don't think you can go wrong with MicroSourcing as a vendor."

Outsourcing Case Study

At present, MicroSourcing continues to maintain its good relationship with Tabaha for its sustainability and growth. The team has grown by about 50% since its launch and there is the possibility for a hiring ramp in the near future to cater to Tabaha's other businesses.

MicroSourcing's Added Value

This case study is an example of a large-scale project involving a large multinational company requiring us to deliver the very best quality of service. The international consulting experience and background of our management team proved vital to understanding our client's business, identifying the critical success factors, and delivering great overall results.