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Client Case Study: Zeta Media Pte Ltd

Singapore-based Zeta Media Pte Ltd runs and manages 'BMW.SG', an online community of BMW enthusiasts. BMW.SG was established in 2001 to provide an avenue for BMW drivers and enthusiasts in Singapore and the region to interact and share their passion for BMWs. The portal brings the latest updates, news, media, featured member cars, articles, events, and important information about BMW and its line of automotive products to a growing global community.

Services We Provide to Zeta Media Pte Ltd

Zeta Media started its first offshore operations last March 2010 with a community manager who handles the entire site as well as the community. She is also responsible for admin and marketing processes, as well as site sponsor invoicing. Specifically, the community manager needs to keep the website updated by posting news items and updates on a regular basis. She is also assigned to syndicate all posted news, stories, and videos in the community forums, and on social media channels related to BMWs. She is also in charge of managing all site sponsor inquiries, requests, and communicating promptly within 24 hours.

In May 2011, a web designer was added to Zeta Media's team. He is assigned to develop user interfaces for both public and admin uses, as well as create website layouts and graphic design.

The client decided to expand his offshore team, and in August 2011, MicroSourcing hired a web developer in charge of providing coding support and design architecture for the website, building web applications and scripts for custom software, strengthening existing technology platform, and integrating applications across LAMP, PHP, and Legacy environments.

Zeta Media continues to grow, with two more web developers joining the team in the first quarter of 2013.

What Our Client Says

"MicroSourcing has been a big surprise - from the time I hired my first staff, I was and still continue to be amazed at the efficiency, speed, and dedication that the MicroSourcing management team has been providing me.

Out of the past two and a half years I've been working with MicroSourcing, every issue I've encountered with my staff was quickly and professionally resolved. Their recruiting process has also been very thorough and meticulous and I've never had a problem even though I was managing the team and various projects remotely. The comprehensive medical, insurance policies, and HR benefits for the staff have also made a huge positive difference in team morale and security - and I couldn't be happier for that!

Their focus on customer satisfaction and attention right down to the smallest details has made me a huge fan of their business, and I would highly, highly recommend them to anyone who's looking to staff in the Philippines.

Fast forward to today - my team of eight (and growing) has made a huge difference in the way I've run my online businesses, far from a cost savings perspective, but more of an excellent and dynamic unit which I can rely fully on, with a peace of mind to ensure my various projects run smoothly. That has been the MicroSourcing difference compared to other service providers I've worked with in the past.

To the management team at MicroSourcing - thank you!

Ryan Chua
Founder & CEO - Zeta Media Pte Ltd

MicroSourcing's Added Value

The service we provide for Zeta Media proves the capability of our Offshore Staff Leasing delivery model, enabling clients to establish an offshore team that works exclusively for them. Through this outsourcing delivery model, Zeta Media can focus on the core tasks of the offshore team while MicroSourcing takes care of the overhead and support processes. It is very easy for the client to expand its offshore team in the Philippines - MicroSourcing handles the entire recruitment process and provides operational management, which involves training, coaching, supervision, technical support, and all other support needed to run an effective offshore team.