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Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the transfer of the management and/or day-to-day execution of a business process to a trustworthy BPO firm of your choice.

Development of the Term

The rapid growth of the Philippine BPO industry comes down to a new direction in outsourcing higher-end services. This is known as Knowledge Process Outsourcing. As a result, the term "BPO" has come to refer to the more traditional services such as data processing and customer service operations.

MicroSourcing as a BPO Solutions Provider

Examples of our BPO specializations can be found in our Back Office Functions section. Any of these BPO specializations can be outsourced through a variety of Outsourcing Service Delivery Models. In order to find out which one best suits your needs, try Outsourcing Services Finder.

Three things separate MicroSourcing from traditional BPO service providers.

  • We specialize in a range of disciplines rather than focusing on just one.
  • We cater to projects of any size from small projects with a single full-time employee to large offshore teams.
  • Our basic outsourcing model is designed so that you are involved every step of the way - from pricing to recruitment to operational management.

The Philippines has established itself as a globally trusted business process outsourcing location for customer service with the better half of 500,000 people working at contact centers. However, the Philippines' ranking as #1 in availability of knowledge-based jobs and workers worldwide means they are qualified for much more than answering phone calls. MicroSourcing shares this progressive stance regarding the BPO industry and has been a forerunner in the trend of providing higher-end services to offshore clients.

Trustworthy Business Process Outsourcing

Essential to the strength of any relationship is trust. Clients who outsource their businesses have many concerns they need to address before deciding they are comfortable having any portion of their business depend on a foreign component. Trustworthy Business Process Outsourcing services are critical to back office functions such as accounting, data processing, and secretarial functions in which offshore employees may be given access to highly sensitive data.

Our goals toward maintaining a reputation as a trusted Business Process Outsourcing firm are founded on the idea that openness and communication are essential in developing trust.

  • Communication barriers are eliminated when outsourcing to the Philippines, a predominantly English-speaking nation with a history entrenched in Western culture.
  • We work closely with our clients; even coordinating offshore visits.
  • We maximize your operational control by utilizing advanced infrastructure.
  • Our 100% transparent pricing leaves nothing to the imagination.